What Are You Playing This Weekend?

So as you may or not be aware, my wife just gave birth to our second child so I've been finding it hard to play video games. Very hard.

I've been squeezing into the tiny nooks and crannies, the little gaps of time I can find, and I'm trying to be smart.

I've been playing a lot of shorter PC games on my terrible laptop. I checked out That Dragon, Cancer and replayed Her Story. I think I'm gonna pick up Oxenfree and play that over the weekend.

What are you guys and girls playing?


    Planning to pick up Life Is Strange at lunchtime today. So assuming that works out as planned, I'll be playing that. Will also continue to chip away at MGSV aka The Last Konami Game I'll Ever Own.

    More Star Wars: Battlefront for me. Trying to get to level 50, only up to 33 at the moment. I'm still not sick of it!

      They had a double XP weekend about a month ago. So handy! I'm 45 myself.. 5 to go.

      PS4? PC? XBONE?

        Yeah, I was in on that but didn't get to play as much as I wanted to that weekend. I'm on PS4 :)

          Cool, shoot me a friend request if you like, we can destroy some rebel scum. I'll be on tonight


            Been trying to get to Level 50 as well for some time ...want that damn black Stormtrooper unlock!

            The bonus XP weekend helped boost me along and managed to get to 43/44. Will be on over the weekend also. PS4 iD - keifer334

    Resident Evil 0 with bits of Diablo 3 mixed in when I get frustrated.

    The last splatoon map drops today!

    So that. And more xenoblade.

    God these games are eating time.

    I've recently gotten back into Diablo 3 so there'll be some of that along with Final Fantasy VII and Bravely Default. Some Breath of Fire III might be played as well and probably a bit of Dragon's Dogma here and there. I'm kind of building up motivation to finally play Undertale but I've always had a problem where perceived hype around games leads to disappointment so it's kind of like the saying you should never meet your heroes.

    What game is the image at the top of the article?

    Diablo got me pretty good this time! We'll be finishing the season 5 chapter 4 objectives over this weekend.

    70 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on the 3DS - loving it!

    Just started an ME3 renegade infiltrator broshep playthough.

    Maybe some endgame or DLC Sleeping Dogs on PS4.

    Darkest Dungeon. It's brilliant if you like turn-based stuff. Status effects really matter, which is different, and appreciated. I played a little in Early Access (I know, I know. I caved) and have been waiting for the full release. There were stuttering issues on day one, but it's already patched out.

      Waiting on that to come to Vita. Looks intriguing.

    CANCON!!!!! Driving up tonight with mates to play in the Infinity tournament this weekend. Looking forward to a weekend dedicated to tabletop nerdiness :D

    Diablo 3 fo shizzle. Might grab Xenoblade Chronicles X since I have a long weekend.

    Destiny - if I can find some people to play with. I've finally reached the point where I almost HAVE to partner up to progress e.g. Nightfall, certain TTK quests, Exotic sword quest etc.

    I'm on PS4, tag is Wa1dofoo20XX, anyone care to play tonight?

      Probably can't do tonight but feel free to add me - sibalicious. I'm at the same stage.

    Hopefully getting started on Her Story with the fiance. From all accounts its a great "multiplayer" game

    My wife is terrified of zombies and hates any form of media that includes zombies however, after 5 years of nagging I have talked her into watching the Walking Dead with me. I don't want to break that spell so we are bingeing on that over the weekend.

    Also, we are having a games night tomorrow with some friends that is mainly a few board games and Wii U games.

    Finally, if I get a chance I'll keep plodding along with Fallout 4 despite still being really early into it.

    Dragon's Dogma, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. A bit of Warframe and Diablo III.

    Re-subbed to Old republic for a month to grind the awesome class stories i have yet to complete. And some Dying light.

    Picked up Sunset Overdrive for $15. Hope it's good! Also Rise Of The Tomb Raider... or possibly just housework and exercise, which seems to be the norm lately :-/

    Metroid Zero Mission.

    Never got to play it back on the GBA, so grabbed it on Wii U this week and loving it! They really perfected the Metroid formula with this one.

    Started the Tomb Raider campaign last night, will probably truck through that. Other than that, just hours and hours of Dota.

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