What Are You Playing This Weekend?

For me this is pretty simple. I'm going to be playing The Witness and screaming at the screen because I'm a goddamn idiot.

What are you playing?

I'm guessing that when I'm stuck I'll also continue playing Oxenfree which is just super cool and super good.

That's my plans for this weekend, what are yours?


    WITNESS! *sprays spraypaint onto teeth*

      Same, I'll be playing The Witness. I started today and couldn't put it down. How can something so simple be so addictive? Add to that, it's a bloody beautiful looking game.

    I'm going to try and talk some friends into playing a Star Wars table top game, but when that fails I'll probably just play Diablo 3.

    Finish Bravely Default. I just plan to cheese the rest of the game using Stillness/Hasten World. Only in it for the story right now, let's see how it plays out.

    Other than that, I don't have much planned beyond more Euro Truck Sim 2 ahead of the Murican Truck Sim release next week

      If you haven't been following the game online, there is a few times in Bravely Default where, if you think outside the box and listen to the between the lines information that the story has, in retrospect, been bombarding you with, then something special can happen.
      *Left deliberately vague so you can work it out yourself if you haven't already come across it.


      Ignore Airy when you are at a crystal and keep powering it up

        I did notice that Nexi, and I'm just going the long way round getting to the end

          For sure, true ending is much cooler and complete.

    Dawn of War: Soulstorm

    Just found the persistent bases mod, which was my biggest gripe coming directly from Dark Crusade. Now that this is rectified, Warlord Gorgutz is going to stomp all the puny hoomies!

      Oh man, that single mechanic ruined Soulstorm for me. It was too much trouble to have to go back and defend an area every second turn, and have to rebuild everything all over again. Infuriating.

      Where did you get the mod from? Is it on Steam workshop? I'd love to try again if that was fixed.

        Google, my friend.


        Disclaimer: I have installed it, but haven't tried it out yet, so can't confirm that it works. Most of the feedback that I've seen for it seems good though!

    Just picked up The Crew, as well as the Wild Run expansion, after having traded the base game in some time ago. I was hoping to be able to start over again but apparently even if you delete your save from the cloud, it just comes back. I dunno why the devs don't have a reset option, but I'm still having some fun regardless.

    Also gonna keep going with Xenoblade Chronicles. Just got to that sparkly place with the big floating city and now everything seems to be picking up, and to my surprise, apparently I'm only a third of the way through! But I'm near the top of the Bionis? Excited to see what happens!

    Metal Gear Solid V. Still.

    And maybe a bit of Persona 4 Golden. Still.

    Also just started Life Is Strange last weekend.. I'm aiming to play 1 chapter a week, so I'll try to knock of chapter 2 this weekend.

      If you were on chapter 3 of LiS I would say good luck not immediately playing episode 4 after you finish it but chapter 2 closes well enough that you should be able to set it aside for a week.

    Will be burying my face in Elite Dangerous again. with a bit of EVE on the side on my second monitor. Grinding Federation rep at the moment, just need to do my rank 10 mission. Also, Powerplay and cash grinding for the Corvette.

      I'll be in there too - working on Empire rank a bit, but mainly shooting at Emperor's Dawn at Ch'i Lin.

    Rise Of The Tomb Raider. Or Ass Creed Syndicate. Or maybe just writing. Kinda in a bad headspace and games aren't helping...

      I downloaded Rise last night. I loved Tomb Raider and have high hopes for this sequel.

        More of the same, but in a good way. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Continue slowly plugging away at Fallout 4.

      OMG...haha...I posted, looked above and "Wow!". Hehe.

    Keep plugging away at Fallout 4.....

    It's like an old pair of slippers. So comfortable and so familiar, but occasionally drab and boring. But damnit - fluff the dialogue system. It's a bloody travesty.

    Knocked off a few from my pile of shame last weekend so this one will be mostly playing The Witness and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    Have a great weekend all! :)

      Lies. We all know the pile of shame can never diminish, only grow.

      Last edited 29/01/16 2:36 pm

        Ha ha. True. Maybe a better analogy is that I have managed to conquer the first peak, only to find the second one has grown higher during my climb?

    Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC! I'm glad it didn't come out that long after the Xbox release, and I was busy with other games then anyway, so it came at a great time!

    Also will play some good old Splatoon since it's splatfest this weekend.

    I will be playing Final Fantasy Explorers. At least I will be when the shop finally gets around to activating it. First it was the 26th at EB games, then EB went to the 28th, then the store jumped from 27th to 29th.

    I'll be playing some Final Fantasy Explorers with friends and probably starting on Mugen Souls Z. There'll also be some Breath of Fire III in the downtimes and I also want to start delving into Darkest Dungeon too.

    I'm being drawn and quartered - have my Division beta preloaded and ready to start tonight, along with friends eager to get in and see what it's like; just started The Witness last night (and I'm about to use my lunch break to grab some graph paper from the newsagent - my two hours last night told me it would definitely help :P); have a few new frames and weapons to rank up in Warframe; SWTOR waits forlornly in the corner, on my PC; the new Diablo 3 patch beckons... What do I do?

      When was the last time you played D3? The new season is pretty great.

      I am 20 hours into a new seasonal character and you gear up so much easier these days than the last time I played a year ago.

      You get a full set of green armour on the first seasonal character you get to 70 which makes the game much more fun.

        June? July? Somewhere around then. But, I play on PS4 - no seasons for us. :(

        I wondered about loot drop changes - I literally played for only half an hour on T6 yesterday and had five legendaries and a set item drop in that time. Admittedly, all were basically useless, but it seemed a bit high. Also got nearly 10 paragon levels in that time. Kinda want to try a Grift and see if the same loot-drop changes were applied to the guardians...

        Last edited 29/01/16 1:25 pm

          The guardians seem to drop me around 4-5 legendaries when farming them at between Grift 30-40.

          When you clear them in about 4 minutes its a pretty good amount of legendaries.

          You should think about getting the PC version :p

            I have it, just prefer the console version - I don't think my PC character is even level 70. I'd rather just keep searching for the gear to get me up to T-X - by the looks of it, the changes to Tal'Rasha bumped me immediately from T-V (where I'd stopped playing last year) to T-VI.

        You have to complete a few seasonal objectives before you get the full set mate. It won't automatically be in your inbox when y oh hit 70. Just in case you're expecting it and it doesn't happen. I'm at paragon 130 in the new season and it is very good all my other games are dead to me!

    Probably actually start making my game, have been spending so much time playing games recently I need a break and I spent last night detailing and fleshing out my design, so its almost time to jump into unity and start working on dynamically creating realistic terrain. :) ... Also the Mrs' is going away for 10 days so I've have heaps of time to do this over that period.

      10 days holy crap. You'll revert halfway back to a bachelor in that period, mark my words.
      Last time my fiancée went away for 3 weeks, if I actually cooked dinner it was at 9 pm, and I actually overslept for work twice. God damn twice!

        Haha yeah you're right. I plan to only come inside after 8pm everyday, will get so much stuff done, and then nobody dragging me to bed at 9:30.

    For the first time in I don't know how long, it's not Destiny and Elite: Dangerous.

    It's Rise of the Tomb Raider!!!

    ...and Elite: Dangerous. @os42 come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away... ;)

      Oh, crap. Rise of the Tomb Raider is this week, too? *curls up in foetal position, searches for Robocop on Netflix*

        Preloaded. It is waiting for me. nVidia driver update last night too. :D

        I decided I could not wait for PS4. I tried, I really did.

    Finished Volume on PS4 (great game BTW) and just grinding platinum now.
    Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS
    Mass Effect 3 on PS3
    Assassin's Creed Rogue on PS3 (although this has kind of been put on hold due to replaying ME3)

    Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. Been waiting a long time for this one...

    Test out The Division, play some Lego Dimensions, maybe see the new stuff in Battlefront and hit that GTA V good stuff (I am back on the wagon...or is it off the wagon)

    Playing Fallout 4 mostly, I've reached a problem. Currently at level 69 and I'm less interested in leveling up now. I have all my wanted perks, so now I'm just filling up the rest. Plus, I'm fully decked out in max armour and weapons, nobody is a threat anymore. I didn't freak out when a Legendary Deathclaw jumped out of a corner at me.

    I'm not even talking about heavy weapons either, I'm killing everybody with pistols.

      a mate of mine is lvl 68 and has avoided the last part of the main story (to finish it with the friend he started it with), but he seems to think he might have ruined the game for himself a bit now. He's on the hardest difficulty and has started to remove bits of armour and doesn't touch the power armour any more to try and make it harder. Preston keeps sending him to save someone that doesn't need to be saved and he's all out of interesting side quests. Seems to think that they haven't really prepared or planned for people getting to such a high level on a single play through. Seems odd that they would allow a limitless level cap and yet have no way of making the game challenging or interesting once you get up there

        once you hit level 100, you start to see massive bullet sponge enemies where it takes almost a whole max 80 mag from the 5.56 rifle to down with max rifleman perks

          well I guess that's something, does their damage increase to match or just their sponginess? I'll pass it on, shame he has to go another 32 levels before this happens though

            the damage increases a very small amount but even on surivial once you get certain perks there is nothing thats really all that dangerous. but those extremely high lvl mobs i think are designed for when DLC weapons and perks get added

      Yeh man I hit that feeling at about level 50, I've bumped it up to very hard and I've just got that many stimpaks and legendary weapons that the only thing I ever need is a bit of ammo. I'd love to get another 20 levels so I can pump more melee perks into my guy,but getting there will be a slog, so I'm just gonna do the brotherhood ending for completions sake and then uninstall until mods or DLC.
      Was a hell of a ride tho!

    Giving Secret Hitler a go tonight on Tabletop Simulator. Should be fun!

    Just got my Division Beta confirmation as well so might fire that up too.

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