What Some Of Japan’s Biggest Game Creators Hope To Do In 2016

What Some Of Japan’s Biggest Game Creators Hope To Do In 2016

It’s a new year. Can you believe it? Sure you can. While you ponder how you’ll spend it, here is what some of Japan’s most famous game creators hope to accomplish. In this latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, a huge number of game makers revealed their aspirations for 2016.

Note that not every Japanese game creator you know and love participated! Here are some of the highlights and excerpts:

Daisuke Ishiwatari Arc System Works

Currently, we are very earnestly working on the latest Guilty Gear title for home consoles.

Shigeo Komori Atlus

Now, we are the verge of the final stage of Etrian Odyssey V‘s development. Details will come in a little bit when cold [weather] abates.

Katsura Hashino Atlus

“In 2016, we’ll be able to release Persona 5, which I’m overseeing, sans problems… or so I’m thinking.” Hashino added, “To everyone who is looking forward to this, I apologise for making you all wait. And it would be great if we could put out the best thing we can… or so I’m thinking.”

Goichi Suda Grasshopper Manufacture

The heck happened to our newest work, action game Let It Die? You might be tired of hearing that, but don’t worry. We’re making it!

Keisuke Kikuchi Tecmo Koei

At [our headquarters in] Ichigaya and also at Gust, we’re readying new titles, so look forward to that.

Yoshinori Kitase Square Enix

For Final Fantasy VII Remake, I think this year will be a year of many more preparations.

Hajime Tabata Square Enix

This year is the year that FFXV goes on sale. Right now, we’re nailing down all the specs to switch over to the beta phase of development. We’re moving forward with preparations to show XV‘s real deal at March’s launch date announcement, so please look forward to that.

Shinji Hashimoto Square Enix

I want to present even more surprises in 2016.

Masahiro Sakurai Sora Ltd.

From the start of the [Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U] project, I wasn’t able to get a big break from work, but that time has come! I want to be good at turning everyday into Sunday. However, that doesn’t mean my next gig hasn’t been decided.

Akihiro Hino Level-5

In 2016, other than expanding the world of Yokai Watch, we will announce a title that sets out a totally new world.

Fumito Ueda Gen Design

This year turns towards The Last Guardian’s release, and I think there will be new announcements as well, so please wait a little bit longer for that. Also, Gen Design plans to gradually gear up for what’s next.

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  • “Also, Gen Design plans to gradually gear up for what’s next.”

    Fumito Ueda’s new game. coming to PlayStation 6 in 2037?

  • “What Some Of Japan’s Biggest Game Creators Hope To Do In 2016”

    1. Not get fired

    2. If get fired, make spiritual successor kickstarter campaign

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