Who Won A Double Pass To The Lego DC Comics Exhibition?

Who Won A Double Pass To The Lego DC Comics Exhibition?

A couple of weeks ago we partnered with the Powerhouse museum to give away five double passes to their Art Of The Brick exhibition. All you had to do to win was tell us the coolest thing you’ve made out of Lego. The best responses would receive the double passes.

Here are the five winning entries:

Winner #1: Samuel Cooper

Here’s their story:

When i was a lot younger, around 8 or 9 years old, and shortly after the movie Titanic had just released, i decided to take it upon myself to build a giant replica of the ship.

About 2 months later i had built, from scratch, and without any form of a guide, a 9 year olds representation of the fantastic ship, with real interior rooms, a deck, lifeboats, i even had a small band playing on one side!

Naturally my first instinct was to take it straight to the bath for its maiden voyage! However in my excitement, i ran into the bathroom, slipped on the wet floor, and threw the model against the side of the bath where it shattered to pieces.

I cried my eyes out for days before seeing the eventual irony of the situation.

Winner #2: Slabotage

Here’s their story:

When I was about ten my brother and I built a custom Technic car to enter into a local Lego competition. The build design was our very own and completely original, with fully functioning steering, gull-wing doors that opened (we were massive BttF fans) and a drive train that could accommodate a Lego electric motor (which we couldn’t afford in those days.) The only real flaw with the build (which is amusing now that I can look back) was that the steering was reversed as we ran out of space to fit all the necessary gears! Sadly we didn’t win the competition but we had a lot of fun imagining and realising our very own Lego creation!

Winner #3: Stan Yip

Here’s their story:

I made a QR code out of LEGO once.

I used the 1 x 1 brick as one pixel. It wasn’t exactly square but I was stoked it actually worked. The QR code went to the website of the IT project I was working on at the time. As the final size turned out to be about A4 size I kept it in the office on my desk for the duration of the project.

My co-workers started augmenting it with other bricks and minifigs. Was a cool talking point and impromptu collaborative fun. (My next project is to try an AR code)

Winner #4: j3st3r

Here’s their story:

Made a house for a mouse…. Was the coolest if you exclude the urine, poo and chewing through the plastic windows, leading to its escape and inevitable capture via mouse trap.

Winner #5: Count Gooku

Here’s their story:

I attempted a four-legged walker once, using my Mindstorms set. So it was hugely top-heavy with the RCX and its six batteries on top, and the walking mechanism came from having the four large wheels as its “shoulders”, and the legs were just the black Technic axles which I think went down to feet that were made from the smaller, fatter wheels. It was really awkward as it walked, and half the time would destroy itself or at least threaten to. Of course I gave it a face too, and it looked kinda like a retarded dog. I was so proud of it, took a tonne of pictures with the set’s camera (dat VGA quality. It was our first digital camera, so got used for capturing a lot of things :P), and for a moment I thought I’d be able to dig them out since I just so happen to have my hard drive here which has a backup of a bunch of the old 98 machine’s files. Sadly they don’t seem to be in there, they must’ve been on the earlier hard drive that got fried when the power supply blew 🙁

Thanks for entering everyone! Winners will be contacted by email.