World Of Tanks Invades The PS4 Today

After making a massive push to get their free-to-play MMO tank battler on Microsoft's consoles last year, Wargaming has finally achieved parity by invading the land of Sony.

The Belarusian-Cypriot developer, whose Australian offices are responsible for the engine and technology used in the majority of their games, announced today that battles featuring as many as 30 players would be available in the PS4 version of World of Tanks. Those who download the latest version of the MMO, which is available now, will also get a free US premium light tank, unique founder's packs, an elite tank and special camouflage to boot.

World of Tanks also becomes one of the few games on the PS4 that does not require an active PS+ membership account. PS4 players will also get timed exclusive access to two maps, Skorpion Pass (pictured above) and Ruinberg, although the timed exclusivity is only in regards to consoles.

Like the Xbox One version, however, there will be no cross-play with PC users. Wargaming staffers confirmed as much last year on the PlayStation Blog, pointing out that the console build was also developed by a separate studio to the PC version.


    I really like WoT, but now I'm playing Armoured warfare. I like it better because of modern tanks and environment. And it's also free.

    I always have and always will strongly disagree with calling World of Tanks an "MMO" but that's pretty irrelevant I guess.

    Not into hitpoint based military shooters, but WG does do a pretty good job at it.

    I personally think Warthunder is the better tanking game, however it has allot of issues also so you can't really win either way.

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