You Have Less Than 12 Hours To Get Wacky Wheels, rFactor And Death Rally For $1.49

You Have Less Than 12 Hours To Get Wacky Wheels, rFactor And Death Rally For $1.49

I’m a bit of sucker for arcade racing games. As someone who can’t drive because I freak out behind the wheel, there’s something cathartic about flying around a track at light speed in an anti-gravity ship, or tearing up a pool table in an RC car. And sometimes just shooting the SUV in front of you is a great way to pass 20 minutes or so.

If you’re like me, you’ll be pleased to know there’s an offer available through Bundle Stars that tickles this exact itch for the less than princely sum of $1.49. Bad news: you’ve got less than a day to take advantage.

It’s the Born 2 Race 2 and features 10 racing games, mostly for PC (although some have Mac and Linux support). There are a couple of classics in the bundle, a few titles that are more modern and a couple of indies that only came out recently. For $1.49, you get the following:

  • BlazeRush
  • rFactor
  • Death Rally Classic
  • StuntMANIA Reloaded
  • Jet Racing Extreme
  • Riptide GP2
  • Super Toy Cars
  • Wacky Wheels
  • RC Mini Racers
  • inMomentum

My mind immediately springs to Wacky Wheels, Riptide GP2 (an excellent mobile take on Wave Race that’s now on PCs), Death Rally Classic (which you can download for free from Remedy Entertainment’s website), rFactor and BlazeRush.

BlazeRush should be fun enough for at least an hour or two, and if that’s all you get you’re still not doing badly given the entry price. Wacky Wheels is always worth another playthrough for those who never hopped on the Mario Kart bandwagon, and the original Death Rally is a fantastic arcade racer with enough to keep you engaged for at least four to five hours.

The rest looks hit and miss. Super Toy Cars is a more modern spin on the Re-Volt formula that doesn’t wasn’t received anywhere near as well as Re-Volt (and Re-Volt still plays incredibly competently today with fan patches too). The same goes for RC Mini Racers, while Jet Racing Extreme is in Early Access. rFactor is an excellent product, and despite the plethora of community generated content over the years it sits poorly next to rFactor 2, which became available on Steam last year. StuntMANIA Reloaded hasn’t had a great reception either, and if you’re doing a double take it’s worth pointing out that it’s not affiliated with the more popular Trackmania games.

But if you’re getting rFactor, Wacky Wheels, BlazeRush and Riptide for less than a can of Coke, it doesn’t really matter how good the rest of the package is. It might even be preferable for some games in a bundle to be terrible, although I stress that I say that in a general sense and I’m not levelling that against anything in this bundle particularly.

And even after all that, if you wound back the clock and told me I could have the full version of Wacky Wheels for less than $2 … I’d take it. It’s a good deal. And, hell, it might not be in the same league as Mario Kart. But then pandas, tigers and raccoons are way cuter to me than the sight of Waluigi tearing up the track.


  • Wacky Wheels was my jam back in the day. The Shareware version on Floppy Disk that I got from the Sunday Market.

  • If you’re a sim fan get rfactor, then download all of the awesome mods I’ve made for it! :p

    More seriously, for that kind of money it’s stupidly good value, in terms of content rF is easily the biggest racing game.

    Crack out the caterham r500 and go to town on the laser scanned Eastern Creek. My favourite combo.

    • rfactor alone was enough for me to get this lol. Just bought a fanatec csw v2 and v3 pedals, makes my g920 feel like garbage.

    • Thanks for having my back, man. 🙂

      Also, was I just seeing things a couple weeks ago but like… half-way through the Winter sale, I could swear that there was a 3D Realms BUNDLE which included Wacky Racers and a bunch of other awesome titles I’m into (Blake Stone, Terminal Velocity etc), but it disappeared and titles only became available for individual purchase at some point.

        Get your copy of the 3D Realms Anthology before December 31st, 2015. The Anthology will be discontinued in 2016 and will never again be available in this form. This is your last chance to grab a piece of gaming history and at a strongly reduced price for the rest of the year!

        Looks like we missed that boat

        Although you can still get blake stone and rise of the triad pack

  • Am I blind?
    Is there a link in the article.
    I checked out the Bundle Stars website and it’s $4.99 :s

  • Are any of them multiplayer enabled?
    Doesn’t look like wacky wheels is, which is a bit of a shame

    • Wacky Wheels had local multiplayer, if I recall the demo that was on the Duke Nukem 3D disc correctly…..that is, two players sharing a single keyboard.

  • Wacky Wheels was the first full retail game I ever asked for, and received. For the same Christmas my younger brother got Ultimate Doom.

    I loved our 486. The thing was ultra mean back in the day.

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