Your PS4 Is Getting A Minor Update Tonight

Late this afternoon, Sony announced they would be pushing out a minor patch for all of their next-gen consoles.

The corporation said software update 3.15 would be released later tonight and would "improve system performance". Sony did not announce times or download sizes at the time of writing, although it's unlikely to be over 100mb given the messaging.

We'll update this post when more details are known, including the size of the patch, when its released and any specifics that follow. Update, 9:03 PM: The patch is available for download now and, despite my hopes, is 257.7MB.


    Cheers for the update guys, i can plan my gaming around that now.

    Another system stability update? Why is this even a story? They happen so often it's not even funny.

      I like being informed that there is a patch I will have to download, so many times I plan to play a game when I get a quick 30 mins only to find there is an update.

        You don't have it to set to download patches automatically when in rest mode? That way it can happen during the day when you're not home.

      The post says 'system performance' not stability, so its possibly different from the usual updates.

        Yep. "System stability" seems to be code for "fix a security hole that let customers run code not signed by Sony".

    As someone who's just bought a PS4 i'm interested in these updates and what they add, thanks for the heads up!

    Can we please stop saying 'next gen'? It's going on what... 2 years 2 months+. It's time to concede that it's current gen.

      I know right. Once next gen is out it is current gen and hence last gen becomes the now being phased out machines monikar. It is like people don't think when talking anymore... oh wait they don't.

      No, because that's exactly what it's called, illiterate moron.

        Well, aren't you just a toxic little bundle of joy. Nice to see you solely made your account just to say that btw :) Too scared to say it under your regular name? Makes me feel pretty special when people feel they have to go to such lengths, feeling afraid to use their normal accounts lol. Just such a great feeling. ;)

        Last edited 14/01/16 1:23 am

    Does Kotaku really post an article every time Sony farts?

      I just was warm.

        Start selling consoles and someone might report on it.

        Shocking News! hoi_polloi admits to farting, you wont believe what happened next! Click here to find out...

        There you go modern journalism

        Edit: As a side note, if anyone knows of a decent newspaper or news site that doesnt post click bait, and only reports on well informed and researched items I would love dearly to know of it.

        Last edited 13/01/16 10:36 pm

          Where do I click?

          ...oh wait, I already know. I won't post the spoilers here.

    Love those generic update notes. Might as well say "We're not telling you what we've done", or even better: "Nothing to see here".

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