1992 Video Game, Still Being Worked On, Hits Steam This Week

1992 Video Game, Still Being Worked On, Hits Steam This Week

Development on survival game UnReal World began in 1992. 1992. And now, in February 2016, it's coming to Steam. Better late than never! The game, which began life as a shareware ASCII roguelike with a fantasy slant, has evolved through its years (well, decades) of constant development, jumping from DOS to Windows and going from a D&D-inspired game to an experience set in Finland during the Bronze Age.

Yes, I just wrote DOS.

It won't be for everyone -- it's more Dwarf Fortress than Rust -- but if you're down with trading visuals for complexity, it's definitely worth a look.

It will be out on Steam on February 26, but you can try it now for free (it will be free on Steam, too).

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    I'm hoping for a day one patch.......cause they did not have time to do quality testing......

    Corrections, hopefully the author spots them and makes edits:
    It's not about Bronze Age, but about Iron-Age.
    It won't be free on Steam but 10.99 USD.

    UnReal World Steam Release FAQ:

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