1995 PC Case, Reborn As A Killer Gaming Rig

1995 PC Case, Reborn As A Killer Gaming Rig

Showing up to a LAN party with this old ’90s PC case could be fun. On the surface it looks like an ordinary old PC, preserved for DOS games. But it’s a very well-made custom case, filled with all-modern hardware inside.

Gilmour509 found the old IBM Aptiva case in a recycling centre and instead of using it for DOSBox purposes, he took all the old parts out, and customised it so new hardware could fit in.

Cases and hardware 20 years ago were completely different, and setting up a PC wasn’t as easy as today. So this wasn’t just a simple plug & play drop in, Gilmour had to reshape the entire cabinet and make sure it still looked original on the outside.

Here are some before and after pics from Gilmour509’s WIP gallery. Hell yeah IDE cables!

And as you can see, it’s a pretty small case, so making space for a giant motherboard, power supply and graphics card requires a lot of cutting and grinding.

That’s the outer skeleton of the case, without the ’95 look.

One of the best parts of the case though is the 3.5″ floppy disk drive. Nothing suspicious from the front, but it’s actually a custom-made SD card reader.

It’s a vintage beast! Head over to the builder’s gallery for a lot more.

via r/buildapc


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