A Game Of Thrones Teaser Worth Watching

Today has been a day for teasers, what with the (pretty garbage) Ghostbusters 'trailer for a trailer' and now this: a teaser for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

But this one might actually be worth watching. Particularly if you're into scouring for details on where the show is heading next.

This season of Game of Thrones is going to be an interesting one, particularly because we're really heading into unknown territory with multiple different story arcs, as opposed to a couple here and there.

Many people were critical of last season, but I'll still be watching. How about you?


    But this one might actually be worth watching. Particularly if you’re into scouring for details on where the show is heading next.
    Unless you're really expecting every important character to get killed off next, I think it's just another random teaser :P

      Valar morghulis. All men must die.

      Sooner or later, anyway.

    That was not my sort of teaser, just a reshuffling of things we've seen before in previous seasons with some serious uncanny valley with the CGI faces. If the writers continue on like they were with the last season I'll probably just give up on the show, it's just shitting on the magnificent world and lore the first 3 or so seasons and all the books had going for them to pursue dumb action movie moments that aren't even well choreographed or directed.

      Well, I thought the same about the last two books, and felt the series writers were doing a better job that George RR was in the books, so each to their own.

        I've been a little mixed, I thought the TV show has done a way better job on some recent things like Dany's time in Mereen (boring af in the books) but at the same time they've ignored/cut a bunch of great characters from the books (Quentyn/Arianne Martell, Valerian, Griff, etc).
        So at this point I'm happy enough thinking of the two as completely seperate stories that just happen to have similar characters/places/themes lol.

          True, I think I just fell out with the books, the new characters in the last books were numerous and ponderous, and I really felt that with such long waits between them, that the story should be moving forwards more than it had been. Maybe I just got tired of the world.
          The sand-snakes were handled really poorly in the TV series, to the point that they didn't really need to be there, but I enjoyed Bron being reprised, I'd watch him in anything.
          I am still wondering if the whole Catelyn Stark thing is going to happen or not on the show, I was waiting for the OH MY GOD moment from my viewing partners, but it didn't eventuate.

          I still like the show, currently more than the books, it has had some mis-steps, and some groan moments, but it is still really nicely produced, since the first few series, the rest of the cable-tv production has really lifted their game, so it doesn't stand out quite like it use to, but I will be watching the next season to find out what happens, as it doesn't look like another book is going to get here...

        Of course it's all down to taste and I'll be the first to admit that the last series left me particularly bitter after cutting every part of the Dorne story line that I found interesting so they could focus more on the Mereen storyline which I had huge issues with (in the books as well) and because they totally butchered the Sandsnakes and Doran Martel who were probably my favourite new characters (I legitimately can't get over the line "You want the good wife but you need the bad pussy" because I think it's the worst line I have ever heard or read in any medium and the fact that it came from a character who, in the books, was one of the most interesting new additions added insult to injury). I have a lot more in the way of issues though and they'll be in the spoiler tag because they're just shitty ramblings justifying my shitty, bitter and cynical point of view to a stranger on the internet.

        I also have other problems with the show that continuously and increasingly irked me, I don't think Dany's actor is very good, especially irritating when she's acting alongside Missandei's actor who consistently performs extremely well (or at least to my taste), and the amount of speeches and inspirational talks she gives make the situation a lot worse, the dialogue is starting to lean even further towards reasons for one liners rather than natural dialogue and the show has an increasingly uncomfortable delight in torturing female characters in ways that feel gratuitous even by the show's standards, I'm not talking about individual scenes so much as whole arcs that delight in messing with the shows leading ladies in a way that's designed more for shock value and the sort of awful "Sansa sympathy" that the whole last season went totally over the top with, not to mention the habit the show has of introducing a new minor female character only to kill them off in some horrible way in order to force sympathy out of an audience, such as the Wildling lady introduced in Hardhome who had kids who was then killed by a weirdly choreographed set of child zombies or when Robb's wife (note that I don't think she was a big character as much as Robb's relationship with her was, another issue the show frequently has, but that would be getting into feminist critique of GoT and no-one wants that) deliberately reminds you she's pregnant, calls her unborn child Ned and then gets stabbed in the stomach repeatedly (that remains the only moment of televised violence that I think was far too awful to be shown and the only violence in a show or movie period that's ever made me feel physically ill). Add on to that a recent trend towards really sloppy camera work and choreography that depends on headache inducing 100 cuts a second editing to look half decent as well as noticeably worse episodes in terms of production value because they're focusing on saving budget for the big moments (and I'm not a fan of action movies or dragons so I inevitably have issues with them even when they are pulled off well) and I'm really starting to get annoyed with the show that had such a fantastic first season with a much lower budget.

          I agree with much of that
          , I do wish they had cast someone else as Dany, I don't think she has the acting chops for what is realy the pivotal role. I think they hoped she would develop them, but it hasn't happened and now they are kind of stuck. I also felt the Wildling mother was a cheap shot, and she is a great actor as well, so it was doubly frustrating. I honestly had more toruble with the first series and the baby killing rampage than I did with the red wedding scene, both were highly disturbing, but both fit within the framework of the story and the setting, like The Hound's earlier speech about how many women and children he had put in the ground, Westeros is a place where killing is across the board, and the ritualisation of stabbing the unborn child, whilst truly horrible, fits with the sending of the message that they were extincting the Starks and what happens to anyone that crosses the Lannisters.
          As far as torture goes, I still think theon probably holds the record, and I agree that introducing minor characters, just to kill them off for a sympathy shot is poor form.
          Still, the last two books really left me cold, they stumbled into cliche, added pointless characters with interminable waffling stories, and neglected to mosey the story on, and I found I generally enjoyed the show more than the books. I certainly enjoyed it enough to watch another season, it is still better than 90% of the dross out there.

          I'm hopeful that both will find a return to form this year

            Fair enough, the last two books were the worst in my opinion as well. I had issues with the baby killing spree as well, but I felt it was handled in a more tasteful manner (the camera didn't linger) but yeah, I have to admit that violence against women and children does make sense within the world of the show/ books I just take particular notice of the way it's used to force sympathy or shock rather than doing so through other means, in the show in particular I find it to be from the same school of lazy writing that leads to the dead love interest motivating the lead hero trope in an awful lot of Hollywood films (just about every Christopher Nolan film for example) which, while not ruining the film (or GoT) just leaves me disappointed. Of course, you're right in calling out the stuff the last couple of books were doing badly as well, the whole Tyrion story line felt like a bad retelling of heart of darkness but made twice as long, the Mereen sequence left me really starting to resent Dany and the introduction of Griff and co., while exciting, was just a confusion of existing storylines for seemingly little purpose, so I'm definitely not trying to say the books are faultless but for me the complexity of the Dorne storyline and other elements kept me quite rooted in the lore whereas recent big action sequences in the series left me cold. Oh, and it's definitely better than most TV for sure, but I judge it particularly harshly because it started so well (or at least so to my taste).

    After last season my interest has faltered, there is just something about that season that killed it off.

    I'm more interested in the book that isn't coming out than sitting through another season of Game of Thrones.

    what with the (pretty garbage) Ghostbusters ‘trailer for a trailer’
    Had to look it up just to see how bad it was. Why teaser a trailer? You only do that for an existing - and more importantly, current - franchise. As much as I liked the original Ghostbusters, neither me or my friends have any semblance of hype for the new one.

    It feels like the series is being aimed more and more at people who like to jerk off over brutal killings. A sort of twenty first century equivalent of colosseum blood sport

      I found the first two seasons way more brutal than the later ones.
      That frigging horse being cut in half...

    I'll continue to watch, although I think the best seasons were 1 & 2, pretty much nailed it. The rest we'll I'll like the books storylines better, super cool character story arcs and not to mention alot of great characters. It's hard to introduce new characters in a TV show and expect people to know what drives that character in two to maybe three epidodes. Overall the books do it better

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