A Look At The Manga Artist Infamous For Taking Time Off

A Look at the Manga Artist Infamous for Taking Time Off

Manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi is known for two things: Creating Hunter X Hunter and taking lots of time off. Togashi is infamously known as the "King of Hiatus" among manga fans. As Kotaku previously reported, many demanding manga fans want Togashi to churn out more Hunter X Hunter ASAP — whether or not they fully understand why he takes time off.

There might be personal reasons or health reasons (he did have back surgery in 2014) or maybe Togashi just wants to enjoy his life, because at this point, he doesn't really need to work. Who knows, maybe he has writer's block. The issue for fans, though, is that the manga's current arc hasn't finished, leaving readers hanging.

Website Hiatus-Hiatus has been tracking all the Hunter X Hunter publication breaks. There are graphs and charts and whatnot, and all the data is a rather fascinating look at when new Hunter X Hunter has been published and when it hasn't.

Here, have a look for yourself.

A Look at the Manga Artist Infamous for Taking Time Off

[Image: Hiatus-Hiatus]

A Look at the Manga Artist Infamous for Taking Time Off

[Image: Hiatus-Hiatus]

A Look at the Manga Artist Infamous for Taking Time Off

[Image: Hiatus-Hiatus]

A Look at the Manga Artist Infamous for Taking Time Off

[Image: Hiatus-Hiatus]

You can see more on Hiatus-Hiatus.

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    Why cant manga authors delegate the art to other people? It just makes me sad that Berserk started before i was born and at the pace it's released i will be dead before its finished.

      I think one of the major reason why some story take ages is that the artist is actually out of idea. Like hunter x hunter actually have the story stuck at the same place for ages.

      Bleach have the same issue, author is intentionally dragging it with pointless story since the last arc. Every chapter of flashback to the point that I stopped reading for almost a year already and my friend told me it is still doing the same thing.

        Bleach is still dragging on ridiculously, but in today's chapter we finally saw Urahara's Bankai! Everyone has been clamouring for that for sooooo long and its finally here!

          They both have the same issue atm. They've introduced a deus ex machina to the plotlines. Gon obtaining god like powers when he suddenly aged, and Ichigo getting his combination Soulreaper/Quincy blades sets them up as unstoppable powers, so now they need to stall the plot as long as possible, because using either of them only makes sense if they're unstoppable, but doing that removes any sense of conflict or tension. Both authors have almost written themselves into a corner. Happened with Air Gear a few years back, the main character obtained a super power up, then it was a huge stall till it wrapped up because there was no real way to make the final arc have tension if he actually used it.

            Gon's power up seems to have some drawbacks......

        What frustrates me most about Bleach in this arc is that it's just the same pattern for every fight: bad guy 1 appears, shows powerful move/s, then good guy A appears, shows powerful move/s, bad guy 1 seems defeated, bad guy 1 gets up, proceeds to beat good guy A, then good guy B shows up, shows powerful move/s, defeats bad guy 1. Scene change to bad guy 2, with good guy C and eventually good guy D, etc.

      that happened to D.Grayman, which had a compelling cast of characters and an interesting universe and motif.. when another took over the manga, everything got so convoluted and confusing, even to the point that there was a big shift of focus from the main character to one of the supporting characters.

      without the original artist/writer holding the reigns, anything could happen.

      So you mean they should just write light novels? Drawing art is the profession of these people!

    Before the back surgery you could tell he was struggling, just look at chapter 337, possibly the worst drawn chapter I've ever seen, it's laughable

    If you want to know why he goes on hiatus, there's an easy solution. Read Bakuman.

    I'm not even joking, Bakuman was written by the guys who did death note, from within Jump, and they do an expy of the guy that's chillingly close to reality according to some. Also the guy behind Toriko is the crazy adversary.

    Gon's power up cost him the use of his powers entirely. He'll probably regain it if the story picks up but since that has happened the focus of the story has let him behind. I wouldn't be surprised of its like JoJo, passing on the protagonists role. There is no hole, besides he still wasn't the strongest character even there.

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