A Whopper With 700 Pickle Slices Doesn’t Look Appetising 

A Whopper With 700 Pickle Slices Doesn’t Look Appetising 
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There’s having it your way and then there’s this.

Japanese site RocketNews, the folks who once ordered a Whopper with a thousand pieces of bacon, a burger with a thousand slices of cheese and one with a hundred slices of grilled onion, have returned to order yet another ridiculous Burger King burger. This:


A photo posted by PKサンジュン (@p.k.sanjun) on

This time, writer P.K. Sanjun took 10,000 yen ($123) to Burger King to get a double Whopper and as many pickles as he could. Turns out, with that, he could get pickle a burger that weighs around 1.7kg.

For those who are keeping count, P.K. Sanjun reports that the total count was 718 pickle slices.


A photo posted by PKサンジュン (@p.k.sanjun) on

Looks like he and his fellow staffers will be enjoying pickles for a good while. By that, I mean forever.

You can see more photos of the pickle burger here or follow P.K. Sanjun on Instagram here.

Top photos: ロケットニュース


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