A Whopper With 700 Pickle Slices Doesn't Look Appetising 

A Whopper with 700 Pickle Slices Doesn't Look Appetizing

There's having it your way and then there's this. Japanese site RocketNews, the folks who once ordered a Whopper with a thousand pieces of bacon, a burger with a thousand slices of cheese and one with a hundred slices of grilled onion, have returned to order yet another ridiculous Burger King burger. This:


A photo posted by PKサンジュン (@p.k.sanjun) on

This time, writer P.K. Sanjun took 10,000 yen ($123) to Burger King to get a double Whopper and as many pickles as he could. Turns out, with that, he could get pickle a burger that weighs around 1.7kg.

For those who are keeping count, P.K. Sanjun reports that the total count was 718 pickle slices.


A photo posted by PKサンジュン (@p.k.sanjun) on

Looks like he and his fellow staffers will be enjoying pickles for a good while. By that, I mean forever.

You can see more photos of the pickle burger here or follow P.K. Sanjun on Instagram here.

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    Well.... at least you'll be shitting through the eye of a needle afterwards...

    Looks like he and his fellow staffers will be enjoying pickles for a good while

    Well, they'll be eating them for a while, at least. I reckon you'd probably stop enjoying them after the first two or three hundred.

    imagine the number of maccas windows that could be covered with those pickles

    He needs to do a slow dance whilst rubbing this thing all over his face...

    I wish my local hungry jacks would see this. last time i asked for "a shitload of pickles" and they gave me like 10, I wanted a nice layer.

    Another not game related piece about another "give me 5 minutes of fame" nobody. Well played Kotaku.

      Do you read this site? Are you new here? This is Kotaku, based off the Japanese word otaku meaning geek. This is what Kotaku's articles are for and about. These articles remind us of the Japan we know and love. If you want straight up boring game news journalism, then go somewhere else. You ignorant gaijin have no place here. These articles are what bring me back to kotaku, if you can't get that then you are more an outsider than I. They publish the other articles to pay the bills, these articles are kotakus heart.

    Oh and, OISHIISOU!!!

    looks difficult to eat, trying to eat this like a regular burger would leave you in a........jam.

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