Activision Has Been Hit With Layoffs, I’m Told.

Activision Has Been Hit With Layoffs, I’m Told.

Activision has been hit with layoffs, I’m told. FreeStyle Games, creators of Guitar Hero Live, have been significantly impacted. They’re now making DLC. “We are refocusing to better align with Activision’s long-term priorities because, as always, our strategy evolves to keep us ahead of a rapidly-changing industry,” a company spokesperson said.


  • Rapidly changing industry is a euphemism for utter sales failure.

    As a studio under one of the publisher umbrellas you either make a hit and get to keep your job, or miss a target and have your entire studio sunk.

    I don’t like those odds.

  • Maybe I’d give more of a crap about guitar hero live if I could BUY songs. Sorry, I’m not paying a single cent for points to play a song ONCE. Shame that every time I try to build points to play some decent songs they just smash me with metalcore after metalcore, songs I don’t know and dislike immensely. Arsehats.

    They did get the new controller spot on though, so much better than the old style guitars.

    • So much this. Pretty bitterly disappointed at the song selection on live. There are very few great tunes to play within guitar hero live, the best ones are in guitar hero tv. And if I don’t have the free play tokens I have to play hours of songs that are hit and miss to me personally so I can build points up to buy more tokens to play maybe a dozen songs I like….I too looked for more songs I could buy and enjoy without strings attached but nope. Instead I can buy a day pass to play any of the songs I ALREADY BOUGHT?!
      And Yeh the new guitar is ace but I cbf playing anymore it’s really quite depressing how games are becoming more and more greedy.

  • “Activision Has Been Hit With Layoffs, I’m Told.”

    This has got to be the laziest article title I’ve ever read. Frack me….

  • Wow, “someone” told him Activision got hit with layoffs? Sounds totally legitimate and confirmed. When I did a Psychology course, I’d get marks deducted if I ever said something vague and anbiguous like “Researchers have found…” unless it was supported by a reference.

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