After Six Years In Development, This Action RPG Is Finally Coming Out

After Six Years In Development, This Action RPG Is Finally Coming Out

Crate Entertainment first announced Grim Dawn, a Diablo-like RPG using Titan Quest’s engine, in January 2010. Two years later, they collected over half a million dollars with a successful Kickstarter campaign, and later put the game on Early Access in 2013. Now, after half a dozen years, Grim Dawn is getting released.

Mechanics-wise, Grim Dawn should be familiar to you if you’ve played any of the Diablos, any of the Torchlights, Path of Exile or, especially, Titan Quest. You go through a four-act campaign on varying difficulty levels in a Victorian-inspired, grim world, solving quests and slaughtering everything in your way. Since this game comes from Titan Quest’s developers, similarly to that game, you only create a male or female character at the start, and decide on a class while playing.

Another aspect that’s similar to Titan Quest is the game’s class system. Like in Titan Quest, you have several masteries — that is, classes — to pick from. Above is the skill tree of the Arcanist, the game’s mage archetype, taken from this calculator here. You have your active skills as squares, passive skills as circles and a general stat-increasing Mastery meter on the bottom. Later on in the game, you can also dual-class into something like a fighter-mage or a mage-summoner.

On top of all that, the game also comes with built-in co-op multiplayer and modding tools promised post-launch. It’s the full package, pretty much: the dream Diablo clone.

If you’re interested, look for the full version of Grim Dawn here on Steam this Thursday.


  • Ive been interested in this game since just after they started work on it as i loved titan quest but ive been waiting for it to be finished before i started playing it. well i can honestly say if you love titan fall and diablo style games then its for you. its like a more detailed titan fall and it is what it says .. content complete

      • Sadly co-op is a loose term these days and can mean any multiplayer. Site description mentions a lobby so it’s either LAN or online.

          • Couch co-op on an RPG? You expect a small company to completely rework the game to be compatible on controller!!?? That’s like me not buying COD because I can’t play in top down tactical mode.

          • Its not the same thing… those are two wildly different things

            Also, he also didn’t say he wanted the company to rework the game. He just stated without it he wouldn’t buy it. Quite reasonable.

          • If you wanted top down tactical mode, choosing not to purchase COD seems pretty reasonable to me. What’s your point?

          • Have you tried Divinity: Original Sin? Just to let you know asking for a couch co-op PC game is very wishful thinking.

          • I have and it’s incredible! Playing it with my wife right now 😀 Thanks for the thought!

            There’s actually quite a few couch co-op games on Steam now and most of them are from indie studios.

  • Have been playing it for a few years and can honestly say its a fun and deep RPG experience.

  • I backed this because I loved titan quest as a kid. Once the final release is out I will definitely give it a crack!

  • Huh. totally forgot these guys did Titan Quest. Picked that game up cheap randomly and loved it. Played it so much. Explains why I enjoy Grim Dawn too though I do need to spend more time with it.

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