ALICE VR Looks Like A Sci-Fi Version Of The Witness (With Oculus Rift Support)

If The Witness and Eastshade are anything to go by, 2016 might be the year of the "walking simulator". I know that phrase is almost always used derogatively, but that's not the case here. It could also mean VR comes into its own — which is a perfect fit for the genre — especially if Carbon Studio's ALICE VR gains some traction.

Currently attempting to secure a place on Steam via Greenlight, the Oculus Rift-supporting ALICE VR sells itself as an "exploration sci-fi adventure" and like The Witness, will toss the player "exciting puzzles".

As the name tries to imply, these puzzles are "inspired by Alice In Wonderland", with the example provided being the ability to change size.

Otherwise, the Greenlight page is thin on content, though there is a helpfully FAQ that covers a few of the bigger points, such as support for non-Oculus systems (yes) and the game's length (three hours).

It's a rather pretty game, to be sure, I just hope we're not tired of puzzles by the time it's released.

ALICE VR [Greenlight]


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