An Hour With The Solus Project, A Survival Game With An Actual Story

An Hour With The Solus Project, A Survival Game With An Actual Story

A lot of survival games claim to Not Be Like The Other Survival Games. The Solus Project is actually not like other survival games. While ostensibly sharing at least part of a genre with Ark: Survival Evolved, DayZ, Rust and the like, The Solus Project also has a lot in common with single-player adventure games like Myst. Sure, you need to eat, drink and sleep on a regular-ish basis to stay alive, but there are also notes to be read, puzzles to be solved and a larger mystery about the planet you're stranded on to unravel. Oh, and it's all single-player, for you antisocial types.

It's quite a looker, and it's decently enjoyable to play, too. Admittedly, some of the survival mechanics (COUGH COUGH HYPOTHERMIA COUGH HACK SPUTTER DIE OF HYPOTHERMIA) are frustratingly deadly, but the game becomes manageable once you get your bearings, have a reliable source of fire and learn that caves are your best friend. Also, the game is still in Early Access, so things might get re-tuned before it's all said and done.

It's really striking how much detail the developers put into the game world, despite the fact that survival ultimately feels like window dressing for a whirlwind adventure of spelunking, sleuthing, and... whirlwind avoidance. As the game's developers write:

[The game features] an atmosphere rich environment that is fully dynamic. An alien day and night cycle and a dynamic weather system that calculates everything from temperature, wind, humidity, cloud coverage impact on the climate and so on. It handles ocean tides. Plants respond to the climate. Storms form. Earthquakes happen... Plants grow and rot. Ocean tide based on the moon. Your body responds to everything from getting wet to lack of sleep to walking uphill to the humidity.

Here's me playing it for about an hour:

Yeah, I lost track of the obvious plot path for a bit, but it gave me a chance to show off the game's weather and, er, heat stroke mechanics, so all's well that ends well.


    Another Early Access survival game. Been burned far too many times. Sorry

      Just out of curiosity, which ones burned you?

        DayZ, ARK (terrible performance on my system)

          Fair enough.

          Never tried Day-Z but I did get Ark and loved it. Only thing that annoys me about Ark is that your level starts again unless you join the same server every time and that was hardly ever possible.

    Just waiting for one of the big dogs to put out a multiplayer survival game. It will be huge.

    Last edited 25/02/16 9:05 pm

      Depending on what you consider a 'big dog' DayZ sort of was that and it didn't do well.

    It's quite pretty. Hopefully it ends up being worth it. For now, I'm going to watch and wait. Early Access isn't for me.

    Hi guys!! Has anyone actually found this on the xbox store.. i cant seem to find it anywhere.. has it come out in australia yet as im keen as to play it!! Thanks in advance :):)

      same here man. cant find it on either the xbox or win 10 xbox app.

        Its not getting released in Australia folks, they already confirmed no australian release, even though kotaku publish a game review that cant be played in australia unless you have a PC

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