Ark: Survival Evolved Gets Grappling Hooks

Ark: Survival Evolved Gets Grappling Hooks

Grappling hooks and dinosaurs, a match made in video game heaven. My inner 12 year-old, once deceased from overexposure to the dual radiations of responsibility and YouTube comments, lives once more. The latest update to the PC version of Ark, which should be arriving any moment now, adds grappling hooks, a kindly old dinosaur called The Terror Bird, tribe alliances, some fishing stuff and OK ENOUGH ABOUT ALL OF THAT TIME FOR MORE GRAPPLING HOOKS.

Here they are in action:

And here's how they work:

The Grappling Hook is a game-changing tool enabling Survivors the ability to scale cliffs, hitch a ride by attaching to a flying creature, wrangle other players/prisoners, or even small creatures to drag along! Learning how to regularly use this tool will alter the nature of your attacks and dramatically expand the range of your travels with greater ease and fun!

It's puzzling to me that I still get so excited about grappling hooks, given that pretty much every game has them now. I guess I just can't help myself. Swinging around like Batman if his entire brain was still that of a ridiculous child (and not just the part that designs costumes/copes with trauma), it's such pure fun. It sounds like Ark's open up a whole host of possibilities, too. They're not just a copy/paste hackjob of other games' grappling hooks.

So, to conclude, grappling hooks. Grappling hooks, grappling hooks, grappling hooks.


    I'm just waiting for the DX12 update. Game really needs a hand in the performance area.

      Yeah it's been accessible for quite some time now, yet it STILL runs like garbage...

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