Ash From Pokémon Has Changed

Ash from Pokémon Has Changed

The Pokémon anime debuted in Japan back in 1997, following the adventures of ten-year-old Ash, Pikachu and their friends. That was nearly twenty years ago. Ash might still be 10, but he sure has changed. That shouldn't come as a surprise, because Pikachu has changed over the years, too. This is only natural for all animated and drawn characters, and there are countless examples of similar evolutions over the years.

But how has Ash changed?

His outfits, most notably his hats, have changed from series to series, but one of the most subtle changes has been the length of Ash's legs. The character has gotten leaner and taller, most noticeably for Pokémon XY in 2013.

Ash from Pokémon Has Changed

Here are the major iterations side-by-side.

Still can't see it? Here are images from Pokémon Black & White and XY compared.

Ash from Pokémon Has Changed

[Image: 2ch]

However, probably the biggest change was Ash's eye colour back in 2010 when the series Pokémon: Black & White featured Ash with brown eyes instead of black ones. In the above image, you can see how these images stack up.

I've always thought it was a shame they didn't keep his eyes black for Black & White. Thematically, it works so well!

Ash from Pokémon Has Changed

There have also been other subtle tweaks to his appearance over the years.

Ash from Pokémon Has Changed

[Image: 時期外れの戯言]

The addition of something very important.

Ash from Pokémon Has Changed

[Image: madasubomitower]

You know, fingernails.

The character's eyes (the pupil and the iris shape, really) have changed once again with the most recent anime Pokémon: XY & Z.

Ash from Pokémon Has Changed

[Image via こめっとのポケモンブログ]

Let's see how that stacks up against Ash's original iteration.

Ash from Pokémon Has Changed

Hrm. Do you think Ash is changing for the better or the worse?

Top image: RYoH_KitaELi7


    Truly Walkley Award winning stuff here. Living up to Bashcraft's reputation.

    Those pants were pretty baggy - maybe his legs are still the same width but he's wearing form fitting pants now?

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