Beards Make Dragon Ball Characters Sexy, Too

Beards Make Dragon Ball Characters Sexy, Too
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We’ve seen how facial hair turned Street Fighter character Ryu into “Hot Ryu“. And now, in the most recent Dragon Ball Super episode, we see how beards do the same for Vegeta and Goku.

[Image via SoulOfAngel]

Of course, Vegeta had a mustache in Dragon Ball GT (above), but this time, he and Goku are shown with full beards.

Whaddaya think?

[Image via あにこ便]

They’d been training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for three years, getting hairy and stinky.

[Image via あにこ便]

But that’s all we got to see of Hot Vegeta and Hot Goku, because after that, they got cleaned up. Bummer.

Top image via あにこ便


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