Bethesda Is Holding Another E3 Showcase This Year

Last year Bethesda held a big fancy showcase, which made sense because it was unveiling Fallout 4, which is a super big deal.

Thought that showcase was a one-off? Wrong. This year Bethesda is doing it all over again. What are they showing off this year? Your guess is as good as mine.

I would guess that Dishonored 2 might be one of the big guns. We'll most likely see some Fallout 4 DLC — and what happened to all that mods on console talk? Maybe that will be part of it.

Either way, I doubt Bethesda can top the first showcase. Remember how excited we all were about Fallout 4. What a wonderful time.

What are you expecting to see from the showcase?


    Calling it now - Skyrim Remaster will be on show.

      I have no idea why I have so little interest in playing Skyrim again. It stole my life the first time around and I haven’t finished all the DLC packs yet.

      Maybe if it looks REALLY pretty……

        You say that ... but, like the rest of us, you'll be sucked back in ;)

          Hehe maybe. I remember the crazy sense of relief the first time I managed to take the Skyrim disc out of my 360, it was like I’d (semi)broken a curse that had consumed my life over a solid 6 month period!

          Assuming it’ll be out late-2016 Skyrim will be a full 5 years old, it’ll be fascinating to see if it feels like the gameplay has dated at all, especially coming off the back of what I think was a near-unanimously underwhelming Fallout game.

        To be honest, I never played it the first time. I would if it was remastered though.

      either a Fallout 4 Expansion or another fallout game by a side developer like how they did new Vegas

      But my honest bet is TES VI :) fingers crossed

    Brink 2, the game everyone has been asking for.

      Not sure if your trolling but fuck yes please!!! man i loved that game easily the best FPS to to come out that year, pity it fell so far, was the first FPS i was keen to actually strive to play competitively.

        I was sort of trolling but while Brink was kind of a flop I wouldn't mind seeing a Brink 2 if they gave it a proper campaign mode that had bots that actually worked. It might get people interested enough to actually try the multiplayer.

          Dont get me wrong, i liked Brink.

          But Brink's biggest problem is that TF2 exists.

          Same as almost any MMO being run down by the WoW juggernaut. Pre-existing userbase & the time they've invested is a huge obstacle to overcome.

          I'd like a Brink 2, but they'd have to do something special to differentiate from other team-based shooters.

          Also, don't forget that Dirty Bomb is a thing. Made by Splash Damage & pretty similar to Brink. Just.... without Brink's reputation as a commercial dud.

      Urgh, don't remind me of that game! I had such high hopes for it, bought it on release and was totally, utterly disappointed. How awful it was and the fact that we all got it is still a running joke in our friend group, even five years on.

        I actually got given it as a gift because my friend bought it and realised it was multiplayer and he didn't have an XBL Gold subscription (and hates multiplayer shooters). I did enjoy playing it, but having to deal with bots was a hassle. I later bought a Bethesda bundle on Steam and tried playing it on PC, where it still had a surprisingly active community. Unfortunately my computer and internet both ran like ass so I still didn't have a very good time.

    Dishonored 2
    Elder Scrolls Online DLC
    Fallout DLC/Mods
    Skyrim Remaster
    Elder Scrolls 6 2017 announcement.

    Even a date or a teaser would be a good ending to the show, with Skyrim to hold us over. And maybe an Evil Within 2 announcement somewhere too.

    Last edited 02/02/16 9:37 am

      The only way TES 6 comes out next year is if another studio (Obsidian anyone?) made it. There's no way Bethesda Game Studios has been able to get far enough in development to crank out one by next year, even if it is late next year. One would imagine that the next Elder Scrolls game would have to be pretty damn huge.

        True! They definitely went all out on Fallout. But I'm sure they've already been working on ES6 for years, at least in small degrees. Even if they announce it for 2018, people would go bananas.

          I'm sure the conceptual stage was started almost immediately after Skyrim (like they did with Fallout). Also announcing a release date two and a half years in advance (assuming they target a November/December release date) would be a dumb move after the brilliance of the Fallout 4 reveal five months before its release. That would be one step forward, two steps back. Having said that, a man can dream.

            Good point! I still think that we'll see a similar release format for ES6, but next year. That may just be me being hopeful, but I don't think the wait between Fallout 4 and ES6 will be that huge.

            They’re in an interesting spot, that’s for sure.

            The engine they used for Fallout 4 was garbage and you’d think it’d need more than a coat of paint before Skyrim 2 or whatever they call it (it wouldn’t surprise me if they went COD and spun Elder Scrolls off into a Skyrim series after that huge success).

            They also need to do a full review of what worked and didn’t work with Fallout 4 before they get too deep in Skyrim development. The story in Fallout was underwhelming and as a whole pretty shit.

            If they’re re-jigging the engine significantly AND trying to up their game in the story department AND trying to release Fallout 4 DLC (which may be great still)…. That’s going to make it really difficult to have another full blow Skyrim/ Fallout/ Elder Scrolls out before the back end of this console generation.

    Fallout 4 DLC, Doom 4, Skyrim : Flogging the dead dragon edition, announcing the new Elder Scrolls game which is still years away...

    Rage 2.

      I would really like to see this. Maybe with a proper ending this time. It feels like a really solid half a game.

        Confession: I won a copy of it from here but ended up just using it as trade bait for Skyward Sword iirc, since Game had a bonus credit deal at the time.

        And still haven't even gotten around to playing that either /o\

        I thought Rage was boring as hell. The shooting was solid, but the gameworld was dull and lifeless even if it was beautiful.
        The characters looked good but were shallow and dull, the story was bland and linear.

        Essentially its Destiny, but without the addictive (exploitative) levelling and multiplayer components.

    A new fallout game from Obsidian, Doom, Dishonored 2, Fallout 4 DLC, Elder Scrolls Online expansion.

    -Fallout DLC (something really interesting i'm thinking)
    -ESO crap
    -Huge emphasis on Dishonored 2 (like they did with Fallout last year)
    -Doom 4 release date (if it doesn't get announced before that)
    -New IPs
    -Hopefully some surprises

    Is Fallout 4 DLC worthy of a showcase? The game was good if not great (discussion for another time) however considering Bethesda's reluctance to do this in the past I think Doom and/or Dishonoured 2 are the most likely scenario.

    Would love a left of field Elder Scrolls VI announcement!

      Depends what the DLC is. If it's something really huge/weird/unexpected then yes, i'd say so.

    it will consist of Fallout 4 DLC, Doom Release Date, Dishonored 2 date, some ESO talk as well. maybe a suprise left field Prey 2 announcement and release date seeing as we havent heard much about it since the troubles that happened in 2013 and maybe a new fallout game from Obsidian or InExile

    Holy Crap, has it been a year already!??!?! What the hell!

    There will be loads of announcement to be honest.

    Following the queue here are my predictions:

    ESO Expansion
    Fallout major expansion
    Who the fuck is that
    Doom reveal + release date
    No idea wtf is that big robot
    Dishonored 2 gameplay trailer + release date
    Who is the last guy?

      The last guy also looks Fallout (the gasmasks raiders wear).

    Calling it now, Bethesda will end their show confirming, yes, they are working on a brand new IP for the NINTENDO NX!!!!!

    What? A man can dream.

      Nintendo are like high class chefs... Clean, thorough, overall perfectionists...

      Bethesda is like a fast food chef... "Hey, there's a bug in my burger... Also, where's the cheese?!"

        That's the best explanation I've ever heard! High five that.

    Skyrim II: The Rimmening

    Probably Doom, Everyday i am expecting the news either it has been delayed to Q4 2016 or it has been banned here in Soviet Australia.

    id love them to back up the fallout 4 is 5 months away from release with a elder scrolls 6 is 6 months away from release, heres an in engine teaser.

    i feel like im dreaming and clasping at straws, but i wouldn't put it past bethesda to blow our minds twice in as many E3's.

    I'd love to see a non-beta fallout 4 patch that actually fixes all the biggest problems with the game

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