Big W Is Selling The Wii U Splatoon Bundle for $279

Okay, listen. Hear me out.

The Wii U is awesome. It is. You know what else is awesome? Splatoon. Imagine both were together, in a cheap package.

Big W is currently selling the Wii U with Splatoon for $279. That is an extremely good deal.

According to OzBargain, the deal is in-store only. Might be worth calling up in advance to see if they have stock before making the journey.

But if they do, it might be worth your while picking up a few extra games because — lo and behold — Big W is also having a sale on some Wii U games...

Yoshi's Wooly World is $39 Bayonetta 1 + 2 is $29 Mario Party 10 amiibo bundle is $29

I recommend Yoshi's Wooly World, especially if you have kids. That game is criminally underrated.


    That's still $100 more than k-mart sold me the premium mk8 bundle ;). Best mistake ever.

      A local Kmart to me recently found some more stock. My mate picked up 3 premium MK8 Bundles for $99 each. Sheer insanity

    Ok Is it worth it for the xenoblade games? Right now thats all I want. Fucking console exclusivity shit.

      Be shitty at timed exclusives, preorder beta access, and all of the other dodgy crap publishers are up to.

      Real exclusives, which leverage the hardware they're specifically designed for, are not something to be upset about.

      I've just declared myself done with my first playthrough of X at just over 160 hours. I have this nagging feeling to do it again to address a few things I screwed up...

      Is that much game worth a console to you? I also have well over a thousand hours of splatoon and monster hunter, too.

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    Daaaaamn that's a good deal!

    Also the bayonetta double for thirty bucks is amazing!

    If you don't have a wii u yet, this is the moment when the last of your excuses has been excised.

    But then 'criminally under-rated' could be used to describe the Wii U's entire library, full-stop.

      You're not wrong.

    That's around the pricepoint I may have considered a couple of years ago for it.

    Now it just seems too close to the end of it's lifecycle to justify a purchase.

      Why is that? It has more killer games than when you last considered it.

        Too be honest, not enough of the games appeal to me. I know many have reviewed very well and people like them, but I don't find them compelling enough for purchase.
        Mind you, depending on what happens with Zelda, and how their new account system goes, I may pick one up.

        The small handful of ‘killer games’ are all full retail price though because Nintendo never reduces the price of their games. If they’d dropped in price I’d consider it, but you’re looking at over $50 for every single game and they almost never go on sale unless you get them on the throw out table as a business is getting out of the WiiU business.

        Quick check of the JB Hi-fi website
        Mario Kart 8 - $69
        Smash Bros - $69
        Super Mario 3D World $79
        Super Mario Maker $79
        Wind Waker (HD UPDATE OF AN OLD GAME) $79
        New Super Mario Bros WiiU (LAUNCH GAME) $74

        It’s not like JB are a rip-off either. Everyone else’s games are $49 after a year and $30-$40 at most after 2.
        If I could buy a WiiU for $250 and then get Wind Waker, Smash Bros and MK8 for $120 combined it might be worth it.

          You know why they don't drop their prices? Because people still pay them. And they will continue to pay good money for quality Nintendo games for years to come. Even 20 year old games like Mario All Stars, Donkey Kong and Pokemon will still set you back $50 even today.

        Yeah but by the end of this year it will likely be superseded and discounted heavily

          I can see why some may think that, but I don't think you'll see this deal beat this year.

    the fact this is is only $30 more than the new 3ds that comes with no games (zelda hyrule edition n3ds im looking at you) is almost a no brainer if you dont own a Wii U.. Great list of games available and you will def get your money's worth!

    I picked up this bundle last night, very happy with the price! I've been waiting for a decent Wii U console deal for a while, this was even less than I expected to pay

    If Nintendo released every, single, past Nintendo game on the eShop, the Wii U would be the best thing since Japanese pork curry.

    Well if it's eventual replacement is backwards compatible, just buy the games now and get the next console instead, if not get the Wii U just before or just after the replacement is release

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