Blade & Soul Dresses Me Funny

Blade & Soul Dresses Me Funny

This is actually a good look for me. One of several good looks that highlight one of my favourite features of kung fu MMO Blade & Soul: playing dress up.

Since the early days of dyeing EverQuest armour I’ve been obsessed with giving my massively multiplayer online role-playing characters a unique look. It’s why I loved Anarchy Online, a game with a massive selection of costume wardrobe pieces. Blade & Soul has nothing on good old AO, but what it does have is quality. Takes the male-only “My Angel” outfit for example.

Don’t look at me down there, I’m embarrassed.

Unless you’re donning the uniform of your faction to charge into PVP combat, clothing in Blade & Soul is pure decoration. Outfits don’t have stats, so I never have to worry how much Evasion my corset has. I just put it on and go to town.

New costumes are doled out at certain intervals as your character progresses through the game. Sometimes they can be won in dungeons, like this practical-looking set I acquired.

My party mates were so angry when I irresponsibly outbid them.

But the best pieces are located where all the prettiest things are in a free-to-play MMO. The Hongmoon Store cash shop is the place for all of your adventuring clothing needs. They aren’t cheap. The average costume in the shop runs 1000 NCoins, and 800 of those bits of fake money will run you $US10 ($14).

Can you really put a price on looking this good?

I’m Batman.

Yes you can. It’s 999 NCoins for the Lyn Male only Ivory Bat costume.

There are costumes limited to a certain sex and race combination.

So not my colour.

But there are also outfits like Colourful Autumn Leaves, which changes significantly depending on which race and sex is wearing it.

Jin Male

Gon Male

Tiny Little Male

Yun Female

Yunger Female

Even Yunger Female

Underage Female That’s Actually A Member Of An Ancient Race Of Whatever

I enjoy the fact that some of the male costumes are just as revealing as the female ones.

I look better in this.

And that some male costumes are even more revealing than their female counterparts.

Or maybe they just trade the top for pants. Whichever the case, I’m having a grand time dressing up my pretty, pretty characters in Blade & Soul. More fun that running from village to village completing quests? That’s a tough call.

Throw in a pair of glasses and fashion definitely wins.

I suppose I should ultimately focus less on how the game looks and more on how it plays. It’s just hard when I look so good. Lightning has nothing on me.

OK fine, look at me down there.


  • I’m grossed out that there is an upskirt picture at the very end of this article.

    Honestly, what the flip? Why? Reflects so poorly on Kotaku and makes us as readers look like a bunch of sex-starved misogynistic weeaboos. Heads up, we’re not.

    • I’m not sure misogynist is quite the right word considering that’s a male character model, but I take your point. Personally it’s gotten me thinking about if it being a male character model significantly changes the message.

      • Either way, regardless of gender, it’s creepy. And any reason the screenshots are super wide even though the point of them is a small window?

      • Male and females so “beautiful” these days I couldn’t tell the difference. But yeah, regardless of gender I’m still weirded out.

    • I am!
      I’m more grossed out at the F-bomb, reflects poorly on Kotaku and makes us readers look like a bunch of tweens that just saw their first grown ups movie.

  • Creeeeeepy article is creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

    Smells of cheeto dust and unwashed waifu pillow.

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