Blade And Soul MMO Log Two: Grinding To A Halt

Blade And Soul MMO Log Two: Grinding To A Halt

It’s been a little over three weeks since I started playing NCsoft’s martial arts MMO import, and my desire to reach the level cap has lessened considerably.

Things were going so well in my first Blade & Soul MMO log. I was enjoying combat. The questing is pretty linear (go to town A, complete all the quests, move to town B, repeat) but the storyline was interesting enough to propel me along. The free-to-play aspects of the game were a bit obnoxious but nothing I couldn't ignore. Crafting looked complicated, but I used my top secret method to overcome that (not crafting at all). Plus I loved the movement system.

So what changed between now and then? Here's a quick rundown of points I touch on in the video log.

  • Grouping with other people for dungeons becomes much more common when you start reaching higher levels (currently at 35), and it all feels so pointless. No one talks. There are no traditional roles (healer, tank, damage) so it's all just a free-for-all. Were I playing with friends I might dig that. Instead I'm even more annoyed with other people than I already was.
  • Other people suck in Blade & Soul. There are some nice folks wandering about, but mostly I've run into kill-stealing arseholes. It's escalated since the last log, to the point were instead of just taking whatever target you're obviously running towards they will tag that one, then keep running and tag any others in the immediate vicinity. I'm really getting sick of them.
  • The Cross-Server Dungeon feature is speed and efficient. I've never waited for more than a few seconds to get a full group for any game dungeon. If only group dynamics were better, this would be wonderful.
  • Player versus player combat is actually a blast. Putting together combos against weak NPCs is one thing, but figuring out what another live player is doing and trying to counter it is a lot of fun. If I stick around much longer, PVP might be the reason.
  • I still love the game's early content. When I'm tired of slogging through quests for small rewards on my main I hop onto an alt and burn through the starter quests again. Normally I despise that sort of repetition, but the classes here are diverse enough that they provide the variety the game lacks.

I think what I need to do here is let my Assassin, Back, rest for a bit. Maybe I'll have more fun as another class approaching the level cap. I'm really enjoying my Conjurer. Maybe it's his time to shine.

Til next time!


  • Man at least you can play the game properly. They won’t give us Oceanic server even with a petition signed by 11,500 people. I think 10 thousand people is enough “interest” for a server or even multiple servers. PvP is unplayable with 200ms. (AUS)

    • Hell, and 200ms is pretty bloody good for an Australian connection. It’s far more likely to be 300-400 without the aid of VPNs.

      Still too much for the newest trend in MMOs toward action-combat, though. Really sucks. So many promising upcoming MMOs have to be ruled out entirely because their really appealing-looking action-combat focus renders the game unplayable without Oceanic servers.

  • I got up to abt out level 18 and got to an area where you get the group dungeons.

    with all the goldah and whatever spamming, i couldn’t see messages from real people

    the goldah really puts me off. and i already killed off world chat.

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