Broforce, Galak-Z Headline March's PS Plus Lineup

Broforce, Galak-Z Headline March's PS Plus Lineup

Here's what you're getting if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber. These are not "free" games, technically speaking. You need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to download them. Once you do, you're set.

PlayStation 4

  • Broforce
  • Galak-Z

PlayStation 3

  • The Last Guy
  • Super Stardust HD

PS Vita

  • Flame Over
  • Reality Fighters


    Uggghhhh already own Galak-Z and voted for that Cactus game.

    From memory the last Vote to Play thingy showed that Grow Home (the game that 'won') was actually cheaper than the two also-rans in the end. Eager to see the price breakdowns for the latest three.

    Pumped for Galak-Z! Got very close to buying this back when it was released.

    Pretty happy with Broforce and Galak-Z. Would have preferred Assault Android Cactus, but keen on Broforce, too. And I've had Galak-Z on my wishlist ever since it came out waiting for it to go on sale, so happy to get it on PS+ instead.

    The PS3 options are weird, though.... SSHD was a PS3 launch title, I think? I mean it's a great game, I still play it occasionally now, but yeah, pretty old. Same with The Last Guy, although I've never played that one. In recent times the PS3 games, at least, have tended to have a retail game or two in there. Not this month, I guess.

    Does anyone else feel like we've gotten Broforce, or something very similar, every month for the past year?!

    As much as I'm looking forward to Broforce on PS4, I'm getting tired of these indie level games most months. I can't wait for the day when there is enough of a library of games that we start getting some older AAA titles people might have missed.

      I don't think it's anything to do with the size of the library. The fact you need PS+ for online play means people will pay for it regardless of the games. Back in the PS3 days when online play was free they had to offer better value with the games to get people to subscribe because the games were pretty much the only reason anybody had to sign up for it.

      From what I recall, PS+ is as much a publisher/developer decision as it is Sony's so I'm guessing that the indie studios are more willing/able to push their games onto PS+ than the big publishers who have shareholders to please and large investments to recoup. It's also why you tend to see the older AAA titles appear more often than new ones because they'll have recouped the initial investment and can be used as a way of increasing consumer enthusiasm for the publisher's brand and new games. Or at least that's my theory.

        The AAA games (when there were some) tended to be 6 months to a year after release. So yeah, games that had stopped selling anyway. But they tended to have a sale on DLC for the game at the same time it came on PS+, so they would then scrape in a few extra dollars on the DLC while they were giving the game away.

        In some cases it was also when the game had a sequel on the way so by giving the game away they could get more people interested in the next one.

    Why buy indies? Every one I have bought for the ps4 has come out on plus a year later. May as well just wait and save myself the money. Galak z is a great game, but damd...

    Cool, more indie games I won't play. Meanwhile XBox users get Borderlands and Lords of the Fallen...

    Something I voted for actually won!

    That will probably never happen again. Hm. Upcoming referrendum...

    Called it.

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