Captain America: Civil War: The Super Bowl Trailer

Captain America: Civil War: The Super Bowl Trailer

Guns don't kill people. Superheroes turning against one another kill people.


    I lol'd at the amount of hashtags at the end of the video.

    What, still no Spider-man love #TeamSpidey #ForeverAlone

      I'm an avid Spiderman lover, little disappointed too, but figured he would be a sideline character in this movie more then frontline being his reboot/relaunch is meant to be after this and by Sony.

      (And my guess is they properly want as much detail hidden till movie is out about him to keep people interested in the Spidey reboot as well)

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        when you look at the end of the teaser, you notices there 5 names for team cap but only 4 for team stark

          Good point, I noticed that and was thinking maybe they are going to be the 'underdog' team and win (to a degree) in the end.... but yeah comics had Spidey starting out on Ironman's team before he swaps then goes solo

            the comic was all over the place though. the only thing that bothers me is that team Stark will lose because you cant really have Cap lose at the end of his own movie but if the follow the comic book by having spidey join team stark then switch to team cap or go solo, it means that team stark has the numbers going against it for most of the movie

              Aaaaaactually, you kinda could have Cap lose.

              I'm predicting neither side will lose...they will belt the crap out of each other then some new threat to Earth will appear and they'll need to team up again to stop it and be all friends again at the end.

              We already know that there are at least 2 more Avengers movies on the way so you know that they are going to kiss and make up at some point.

          You'll also notice there's no Hulk though. He could be still off sulking after the events of Avengers 2 of course, just saying that empty spot doesn't necessarily need to be Spiderman.

            I remember reading something about Hulk being planned for something else which is why he doesn't appear in this one, Mark Ruffulo would play him in this other film, but cant remember what.

            The Hulk's next appearance will be in the next Thor movie. Him and Thor go travelling through the universe on an adventure together. That probably sounds like I'm joking, but it's actually confirmed.

              It's not as crazy as it sounds. After Avengers 2 he's in a pretty bad place emotionally. He has access to Thor who comes from a place full of magic cures for junk. They go on an adventure, find a half cure that makes Hulk a bit more of a team player and everyone grows as a character. Hulk then returns home just in time to become a more functional member of the Avengers before they go up against something that will destroy Hulk if he charges on his own.
              It also makes sense considering Thor and Hulk aren't huge draws on their own even though audiences loved them together in Avengers, and a buddy movie will be relatively fresh in the MCU (and potentially more Loki vs Hulk is a big draw).

            hulk isnt in cap 3. he's pissed off to space to hang out with thor in thor 3

          Spidey is team ironman. TS makes him his new web shooters apparently.

            Yep, apparently starts as Team Ironman anyhow then has a crisis of conscience and possibly abandons him at some point...

      I'm kinda torn on it. On one hand I can't wait to see how he looks in the film, on the other, it'd be a great surprise if they kept it until the movie comes out.

    Pretty cool, reminds me of The Dark Knight Rises trailer with the chanting. #TeamCap all the way.

    What? No hint at Spiderman? That makes me sad...

      Spiderman's been confirmed at least for the next Avengers movie, dunno if he'll make an appearance here or not.

      As you notice though, @thyco above pointed out that team Iron Man seems to be missing a member, which could very well be Spiderman.

    So, Tony has now developed armoured gloves that can fit into a watch?

    Technology is cool but sometimes they can really stretch it.

      Considering, in the comic that this armour comes from, is actually stored entirely inside Stark's body, the watch isn't that much of a stretch :)

      I'm actually wondering how he is going to put on the rest of this Armour in the movie...

      My issue is that unless there's more to it than that it's a really, really specific device. I mean judging by that trailer he sat down and thought 'I need a watch that can do one thing, and that's catch a bullet being fired by a guy with slow reaction speeds who slowly walked up to point blank'. I'm also going to struggle to ignore the stupidity of letting Tony Stark play with his watch mid-fight.

    That final scene where they square off, I paused and did that typical, "Who's going to win in that fight?"

    All I know is that Black Widow and Hawkeye are totally fucked

      Nawwww they're fine. They're contracted for 3 more movies apiece.

      Chris Evans however is only contracted for 1....

      :O :O :O

    Is it wrong that my excitement for a new Stan Lee cameo is almost as high as for the movie itself?

      i wonder if he will have a cameo in Deadpool

        Reportedly he does, I read an article a while back saying he's the MC in a strip club at some point in the movie.

    by the way has everyone seen the full commerical for the new TMNT movie... its actually hitting 90% of the right notes from what ive seen

    Hmmm civil war wasn't that great of a crossover in terms or character growth and beats so I'm not expecting much more than another avengers 2 at this point.
    Keep my expectations low and maybe it'll surprise me nicely.

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