Dust 514, CCP’s FPS Set In The EVE Online Universe, Will Shut Down On May 30

Dust 514, CCP’s FPS Set In The EVE Online Universe, Will Shut Down On May 30

CCP has announced its shutting down Dust 514, its FPS set in the EVE Online universe, on May 30. The company is currently developing a follow-up, but unlike Dust 514, it will be PC-only.

Read the announcement here.


  • Shame, but kind of inevitable. Really amazing idea how it integrates With EVE Online, but i’m not sure making it for PS3 was a brilliant idea. Seemed to hold it back quite a bit. Whereas with PC only, they’d be able to make it more along the lines of what they want, and it’s not partially bound to the lifespan of a console.

    • PS3 was a terrible idea because the architecture for that platform is so different to all the others, and especially PC where EVE has its most ardent playerbase.

      I understand their desire to attract new fans to the franchise, but to court those potential fans at the cost of their existing fans was a losing gamble. Without familiarity with the franchise, Dust had to stand out from all the other shooters on the platform – and be better.

      And it wasn’t. Awful maps with bland textures that pop-in, a literal pay2win grind that had such power discrepancies as to make it almost impossible to kill a superior-armoured foe who you got the drop on. The menus were opaque at best, but more likely impenetrable for most. Spent goods disappeared on loss, against unfair matches, with poor social tools, high lag, and awful controls. Keyboard and Mouse support was implemented and the difference between that and gamepad made KB&M almost mandatory to have even a hope of survival, and the response from the devs was to artificially handicap KB&M by programming in sluggishness to the response.

      Let’s just let that bad boy roll around in our skulls for a minute.
      The devs programmed their controls to make them more sluggish.

      You have to have gone through several layers of rationalization fuckery to get to that point, but you would think that someone, somewhere, would have slapped a dev in the face and stated to them clearly:

      So yeah… all of the above inadequacies are not something the console shooter audience was exactly clamouring for. There were no untapped markets being exploited by this mess. And the coupld hundred thousand enthusiastic EVE fans on PC were neglected so they could court the console audience who didn’t want what they were selling.

      Clusterfuck, top to bottom.

        • Oh yeah, I gave it a solid go. I had an abusive relationship with EVE for quite a while, which I safely extracted myself from after deciding to make better choices for myself.

          I thought maybe things could be different with Dust… and they were! Just… not in a good way.

    • I warned ’em. I TOLD ’em that making it a PS3 exclusive was an idea that was moronic beyond words. They didn’t listen. Now EVE goes on, and all the soldiers left behind on the ground get to… die I guess.

  • Shame. I was always ‘sort of’ looking forward to that title getting better. (And ported to the PS4/PC.)

    Plagued by bad ideas from inception, though. Honestly surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  • It’s almost as if Dust was a great idea with terrible execution from the get go…

    Seriously who though putting out a PS3 exclusive shooter a year before the platform moved to legacy support was a good plan?

  • An EVE tie-in on a platform that had nothing to do with the universe it was tying into. Is anyone surprised?

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