Civilization’s Leaders Are So Very Very Sad

Civilization’s Leaders Are So Very Very Sad

One of the real joys of Civilization V, a key factor in keeping people playing once the systems have worn thin, is the game’s character. Each rival AI isn’t just an AI. Thanks to a wonderful combination of art style, animation and voice, they’re very human opponents.

Instead of just reacting to an AI’s calculations, then, you grow to love and despise each rival’s moves on a more personal level, hating their aggression and dismissing their pleas. Or, in a best case scenario, revelling in their sadness. Like andsoitissaid does, having gone through and grabbed images of what every single leader in the game looks like once you’ve knocked them out of the game. For Civ V veterans, it’s a delight.

No more bluster and arm-waving from you, Bismarck, you grumpy old coot.

Not so happy are you now, Alexander, with that stupid grin wiped off your face. And your stupid horse’s stupid face.

And you, Kamehameha! You…well, I quite like you, so this one makes me feel a little bad.

You can see the full roster here. It’s a good look; I’ve played this game for [censored to protect my shame] and I still had never seen some of these.


  • They refused to accept my olive branches and very reasonable demands for supplication, so they deserved everything they got. You can only tolerate insults, ignoring your overwhelming power for so long before you actually decide to use it.

    There is subservience or there is death. They made their choice.

      • Yup, that one pretty much rearranges the conquest gameplan. Its kinda funny when the whole world is denouncing you to each other, going round and round snowballing, just one turn before you have the Manhattan Project finished… Time to make your capitals GLOOOOOW!

    • Fucks me off when you’ve been mates with them for 1000’s of years and then you are going way too well and taking too much land and they then back stab you. And then if you finish them off when they declared war on you, YOU’RE the monster.

  • I haven’t seen any of these (despite clocking up over 500 hours in the game), because I can’t get past feeling guilty at declaring war on someone, let alone wiping them out of the game. Curse my soft heart!

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