Come March, You’ll Never Be Able To Play Darkspore Again

Come March, You’ll Never Be Able To Play Darkspore Again

At the end of last year, EA made the announcement that the servers for 2011’s Darkspore would be shutting down on 1 March, 2016, rendering the game unplayable. Well folks, that date is just days away, so if you’re feeling nostalgic, now’s the time to fire it up.

In mid-2013, EA removed Darkspore from Steam, though the company said it would continue to provide support. Despite retaining a product page, the title was also removed from EA’s own store, Origin at some point along the line.

Because the game requires an official server to operate, outside of third-party attempts to come up with an alternative, Darkspore won’t be playable past the 1 March deadline.

So, if it’s been collecting dust in your games library, you have until Tuesday next week to play for old time’s sake.

Darkspore [Official site]


  • Games with inbuilt expiration dates. Screw EA and their anti customer business practices. Especially because people who legitimately this (physical copy and all) wont be able to play the game past march the 1st.

  • Well that is a sad day, Might have to have one more play date with it. Have over 200 hours of play time logged on that game

  • Perhaps EA should be made to put the expiration date on the cover of their games so everyone knows how long the game will last??

  • Thats a shame, it’s only about 5 years old. I played it all day every day for about 3 months while i was unemployed and it was heaps of fun but the monster difficulty scaling for the end game was just retarded. Shout out to abcgirl the Korean i used to play with who i think was actually a dude lol.

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