Community Review: Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V came out last week. The launch was a bit... mediocre.

In general people seem quite unhappy with the online implementation in particular. But what about the game itself? How are you all finding that so far?

As a long term (but ultimately casual) fan of the series, I'm ashamed to say I haven't actually played Street Fighter V yet, but I am keen. I thought Street Fighter IV was phenomenal but that was a ground up reinvention in a lot of ways. This one feels a bit safer.

Not that that's a bad thing necessarily, but it has made Street Fighter V feel a bit less essential. I get the sense this one is for the competitive set, which makes sense in the context of ESports and its growth.

How have you all been finding Street Fighter V so far?


    I'll get back to you once the full versions out...

      This. There's some good stuff in the game but a tiny story and lacking multi-round fights vs the AI and... well I wouldn't give this game anywhere close to a pass mark until they actually finish it.

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      I don't even need the full version, whatever we define that as. It just needs to be fleshed out a little more.

      I get why it was released in this state. The FGC is a thing and Capcom has put a priority on appeasing them. I'm not a part of the FGC but I am patient enough to wait for Capcom to appease me.

    I picked it up on Friday and am enjoying it, though, the matchmaking is a bit iffy. Being Level 2 and being matched in a ranked match against someone on level 240 (how they got that high in 4 days I will never know) is about as fun as it sounds. Sure is purdy. Would be good to have an Arcade mode obviously but in the end its all about online. I don't regret my purchase. 8/10.

      Just so your aware the player level means nothing you get to like 200 or so from doing the character story's and survival mode. The matchmaking goes off the LP points.

        Ahhhh righto makes sense. Do you know roughly how many you get from doing all the Character stories?

    The online aspects don't interest me at all, just offline which is next to non existent in it's current form so that was pretty disappointing. It's somewhat surprising with a focus towards the online experience, they've even failed to deliver on that (at least from what I've been reading). The gameplay, mechanics and aesthetics are all their to make it feel like a street fighter game, it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to add the arcade mode back in at the very least.

    Hopefully they will go above and beyond that though, one of the cool little bonus's they added into Street Fighter Alpha for example, if you beat arcade mode on level5 difficulty or above, you unlocked a fight where 2 players (Ken and Ryu) could fight against Bison at the same time. Nothing extraordinary but it was fun and gave a bit more incentive to play through the arcade mode.

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    Yea it's ok, I guess. I love SF and have since primary school playing SF2 at the corner shop, so I'm a sucker who will buy all the versions, but that doesn't mean i'm that happy about how they've done it.

    It shouldn't have been released with heaps of features/characters missing. The story mode they did put in there is the biggest joke I have ever seen. I played through them all in less than a day and it unlocked nothing. Why even bother? Also it's pitifully easy and the still frame images look like they were all done in one day, rushed inking and colours. It's not stylistic, it's rushed because they panicked at the last second and realised they would get horrible reviews if they didn't launch with at least some kind of story.

    It plays ok, definitely feels a bit more clunky than SF4. Only one 'super' feels like a step down, but I haven't messed around with V trigger too much; it feels either OP or underwhelming when I have though. I do like how they've changed up the movesets of some characters a bit, I hate charge moves so it's cool to see Charlie's moves all quarter circles now. But was that necessary? I imagine some people who liked playing him in the past might be annoyed because it would completely change their approach.

    I would really like to see the arcade/story mode fleshed out and have it more of an experience, like it usually is. They have access to the some of the best anime-style illustrators/animators in the world, I don't understand how a they can ship SFV, one of, if not THE biggest franchises they hold in s state like this? Fine have DLC later and all that, but if you're going to sell a full priced game at least try to have some of it sorted when it 'launches'.

    Publishers are getting lazy/cheap and I feel like the devs are the ones getting squeezed. Most of the time I would think it's the devs pushing for features/ideas to be implemented (ie: funded) but publishers are just looking at their flow charts of how much money they are gonna make AFTER they release a game to sign off on shit, leaving devs to work with the time/money they have. It sucks and it's a trend that has to die.

    As a fan of Arc System Works and SNK games I've been finding the system changes and faster pace to my liking although matches kind of tend to still be a lot of everyone spamming combos and attacks. I'm slowly starting to learn the counters though so my initial impressions that it was easy to just faceroll and win a percentage of the time has changed to a more positive outlook.

    Visually I don't like the characters that much as they have a PVC model look to them and Ken's hair looks like a bad drybrushing job. The fact that his hair clips through his shoulder on the vs. screen also bugs me every time I see it.

    On the whole, the game is fun and I think Capcom was right to shake up the formula, it's just a shame they released it way too early without a lot of the content and lag is still a really big problem even in matches local to your country. I'm not too impressed with their current microtransaction scheme at the moment though. It's all well and good to have the dual currency system but the rate at which you accrue in game currency seems to be set up to make the paid currency the more viable option long term.

    I'll preface this by saying I'm heavily FGC, but also invested in a fighting game's single player content.

    Capcom are pulling out all the stops with their Capcom Pro Tour this year; for that to happen, there needed to be a public release of the game with everything competitive players needed. That's what they've put out; a bare bones hardcore competitive title, just in time to get the CPT wheels rolling. Trying to review it as a mass-market game isn't really possible right now, because it's not at that stage yet; more single-player content is on the way in March, as well as the first almost-monthly DLC character. And that's not to mention the magnum opus story content coming in June.

    Capcom's problem is that's not how games journalism works; reviews happen at launch, and not many outlets revisit titles one or two months down the road. The mass market for video games listens to these reviews, and they very well may cost Capcom a few sales with SFV. Mortal Kombat X launched with everything, and at the end of the day there's no reason why Capcom couldn't have done the same. Capcom might be counting more on the FGC for the publicity the game will get in the long run to offset this, and I'll be doing my damnedest to make it happen.

    For what it's worth I'm kinda happy that the SFV team is taking the time to polish its extra content properly. The last game I can think of that did something like this was Soul Calibur V; a finely tuned competitive fighter that launched with half-baked, uninspired, lackluster single player content the franchise was previously renowned for. I'm glad that SFV seems to be avoiding this by holding back the extra content until it's actually finished.

    The combat it tight and playing other people is doing well. I'm hurting there isn't an arcade mode. Not even a proper vs CPU is a shock.

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    I'm honestly really happy with the game. Yes the launch was a bit trash with the server issues but for the past few days it's been running awesome for me. I see all of people getting laggy games and long waits to matchmake but I personally haven't had many laggy games out of the 100 plus I've played online. The lack of single player is disappointing sure but what would people prefer, not have the game at all yet? At the end of the day the thing that matters is the gameplay and there seems very few complaints

    As someone who avoids online play like the plague, I'm bitterly disappointed. Would have loved to have seen a fleshed-out world tour mode a la Street Fighter Alpha 3, as well as an expanded survival mode.

    In a Post-online/DLC/pay to win world, maybe this old gaming dinosaur is just asking too much.

    First days sucked due to lack of connectivity, but all forgiven now. The lack of 'arcade mode' is kind of a moot point seeing as the online experience is as close as you can actually get to playing randoms in an arcade. When you're forced to play online due to lack of offline features, you either deal with it and play or return the game. I'll be keeping my copy.

    16 stories and I think it was 8 levels per character = 128.

    Really, I have no idea what the point of "levels" are. Maybe they unlock titles or something.

    Edit: gah this was meant to be a reply in-thread above to @spence

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    I like that the execution difficulty has been toned down. I could never focus attack dash cancel in SF4. Things feel a lot more manageable now.

    The new characters are absolutely awesome. The old characters feel similar enough but still fresh.

    I'm having a great time online fighting with a few buddies, learning the new systems.

    If anyone wants to fight, feel free to add CFN grim-one. I'm not great, but happy to go a few rounds with anyone.

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