Community Review: SUPERHOT

SUPERHOT is really good.

You should play it. That is my review.

I'd been a fan of the high concept of this game since it was an itty bitty flash idea. When I heard it was being made into a fully fledged game I was extremely excited. Thankfully, from what I've played so far, the full version has made good on that initial prototype.

What I'm finding interesting so far is the different directions they're pushing SUPERHOT's mechanics, adding melee weapons, etc. Last night I was throwing snooker balls at bad guys faces, then picking up their guns as they threw them. It's all just so goddamn cool.

You have to play this game. I love it.

Has anyone here played SUPERHOT yet? How are you finding it?


    I'm really liking it so far. The gameplay, the meta, the action movie references, the way it made me want to play frozen synapse again....

    It's pretty much a game made for me.

    I think music which sped up with tine would be pretty cool, and the animations could do with some refining, but for a small game it has plenty going for it.

    It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years.

    Its a First Person Puzzle with a nice meta story. A lot of replayability with the challenge and endless modes... remember the story mode elevator level thinking it was hard, try it with Punching Only Challenge... the challenges change the levels so much with only buffs aand debuffs. Awesome game.

    Loving the game, it's so damn good. I've finished the story and there's still heaps to do and lots of replay value.

    I made a video because I had found a glitch -

    Just minutes after posting the tweet linking to the video one of the guys who developed it tweeted back with "Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next update!".

    I clocked this over the weekend. And therein lies the problem. The campaign is just 2 hours long.
    There's some extra modes tacked on top of that, but it doesn't make up for the current asking price.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, I can only hope there is a more fleshed out sequel, however I would recommend waiting until it's on sale.

    It's the most innovative shooter i've played in years.

    The campaign is short. Don't know the asking price atm as i was a kickstarter, and frankly forgot what i even pledged back then?

    But on the other hand, didnt really expect a story with this game.

    It really is more of a first person shooter puzzle game, so i guess i got more than i expected having a story.

    Afterwoods, I found the challenges to be a hoot, finished the first few. The endless modes are good for a few minutes of mindlessness at a time.

    I played Superhot with the Oculus Rift at PAX 2014. I loved the visual styling of it, and I liked the concept. But I really really sucked at it. In the short time I had to play it, I died a LOT.

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