Conan O’Brien Appears On Korean TV, Plays A Goldfish 

Conan O’Brien Appears On Korean TV, Plays A Goldfish 

This week, talk show host Conan O’Brien visited South Korea and decided to make a cameo on Korean television. In one part, the best part, he played a talking fish.

Conan didn’t only appear in one episode, but two episodes this week (Happy Ending One More Time airs twice weekly). In episode nine, he was a goldfish, but in episode ten, he played a man named “Conan O’Brien” who was seeking a marriage partner.

As tipster Sang points out, he is introduced as a president of a foreign company’s Korean branch. His character is divorced, and Na-ra Jang’s character asks him to describe his ideal type of woman.

Conan’s character decides not to join the marriage partner search because he’s fallen in love with Na-ra Jang’s character and says that if he joins, he cannot flirt with her. She says that coming on this strong makes her uncomfortable and has put her in a bad mood. (Neat factoid? The woman playing Conan’s interpreter in the scene was actually his interpreter during the trip.)

If Conan’s talk show ever goes bust, he should be happy to know there’s work as a talking goldfish on Korean television.

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