Cookie Clicker Gets Its Biggest Update Yet

Cookie Clicker Gets Its Biggest Update Yet

As of yesterday, the super addictive Cookie Clicker's 2.0 update, titled "Legacy" and in beta testing since mid-2014, has hit the internet. In other news, I've got a browser tab I can't seem to close. In case you missed it the first time it reared its head, Cookie Clicker is a nearly three-years-old idle game (or incremental game) where you bake cookies (by way of clicking and waiting) to buy upgrades to bake even more cookies. Additional elements like valuable, randomly appearing Golden Cookies, achievements, an "ascension" mechanic and a quirky sense of humour help keep the game interesting.

And, with the introduction of the 2.0 update, the game's deeper than ever. Additions include, via the Cookie Clicker wiki:

  • 3 new buildings: banks, temples, and wizard towers; these have been added in-between existing buildings and as such, may disrupt some building-related achievements
  • the ascension system has been redone from scratch, with a new heavenly upgrade tree
  • mysterious new features such as angel-powered offline progression, challenge runs, and a cookie dragon
  • sounds have been added (can be disabled in the options)
  • heaps of rebalancing and bug fixes
  • a couple more upgrades and achievements, probably
  • fresh new options to further customise your cookie-clicking experience
  • quality-of-life improvements: better bulk-buy, better switches etc
  • added some general polish
  • tons of other little things we can't even remember right now

Head over here to give Cookie Clicker 2.0 a try.


    No thanks. Between Crusaders of the Lost Idols, Clicker Heroes, Time Clickers and AdVenture Capitalist, I spend way too much time staring at my PC screen haha.

      I had adventure capitalist on my phone. My life improved so much when I got rid of it.

    This sums up my feelings regarding this game.

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