Counter-Strike Player Claims Their Fake Hacks Got Thousands Of Cheaters Banned

Counter-Strike Player Says Their Fake Hacks Got Thousands Of Cheaters Banned

Counter-Strike has a cheating problem. One player decided to do something about it. Something, shall we say, creative. In a post on Reddit, AndroidL explained that they released a handful of fake "multihacks" that promised everything from wallhacking to aimbotting to bunnyhopping to crazy lean angles. If you can name it, AndroidL's dirty hack pack probably claimed to contain it. Naturally, punks on the prowl for illicit upper hands ate it right up.

Then, according to AndroidL, they got banned. En masse. Because, you know, that was the idea.

The first two releases had a 'timer' in them which meant the features that instantly [Valve anti-cheat] banned them would only be activated after a certain time (e.g. 10 PM on the day after the release)... the final hack (with over 3.5k downloads) just instantly VAC bans them as soon as they open the hack and join a game.

Apparently the "hacks" received 26,000+ views and 5,500+ downloads before it was all said and done. Using a service that estimates VAC bans over time, AndroidL then attempted to figure out just how much of a splash they'd made in the writhing, faeces-flavoured pool that is CSGO's cheat community:

Counter-Strike Player Says Their Fake Hacks Got Thousands Of Cheaters Banned

AndroidL explained:

The first release received approximately 1k downloads, which contributed to the bans for those two days. The second release received approximately 1k downloads too which contributed to stopping the downwards trends on the number of bans received.

The third release received 3.5k+ downloads which had a very noticeable affect on bans for the following week (this one instantly banned them as soon as it was opened, 3,500+ downloads = 3,500+ bans).

Eat it, cheaters.

Oh, and in case you were worried, AndroidL absolutely stuck around to lap up their sweet, sweet tears. Traps! They're fun for the whole family and the family dog and the prime minister and pretty much everybody except the people who get fooled by them.


    I feel dirty for liking this as much as I do. Almost gleeful. I still haven't forgiven hackers for ruining Red Alert.

      Red Alert... what a game. How were hackers ruining it?

      Last edited 02/02/16 3:57 pm

        Custom units, like UFOs raining down death. It was a laugh, the first ten or so times.

    Doesn't present near to enough data to verify. Annoying that the poster hasn't provided dates for the releases; the current VAC ban chart, due to daily updates and iterations, doesn't resemble the image provided as red line evidence. The explanation doesn't fit what data is available e.g. author claims direct correlation between 3rd day downloads and bans over following week, yet a cursory glance shows approx. 3k bans in the week following and that doesn't take into account historical weekly ban rates.

    I don't think the story is bullshit, I think the explanation and analysis is.

    Do you guys remember when one of the videocard manufacturers was going to bundle hacks with one of their new releases?

    I think it was wireframe hack and aimbot....cant recall exactly, but when they announced it, I stopped playing hack-prone games.

    I just remember how negatively it effected the community.

    Beautiful, so many hackers banned...but probably doesn't even make a dent in their overall numbers. I've only started playing CS:GO in the last couple weeks but have already had so many games with hackers.

    I remember when I was a kid cheating in games was fun, but that was only ever singleplayer using the built in cheat codes....I really don't understand kids these days that need to use cheats on an online game. What's the point? Sure you get more kills but it isn't you, it's the hacks...

      These days? This kind of thing has been happening since as long as online games have existed unfortunately. A proportion of the population is always going to be made up of rotten apples and they'll always cause issues for everyone else because they're selfish, inconsiderate, and/or ignorant.

    *wipes tear from his eye* I'm like a proud father who's son just won their first race.... This is simply glorious :D

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