Damn, This Anime Gun Model Is Amazing 

Damn, This Anime Gun Model Is Amazing

In sci-fi anime Psycho Pass, authorities wield a precrime suppressor called the "Dominator". We've seen a model version for sale before, but we haven't seen one like this. This real-life version of the portable brain scanner gun can even transform like it does in the anime.

According to ASCII, this one-to-one scale recreation is even outfitted with a small camera and can connect to smartphones for real-time streaming via smartphone app. All this isn't cheap: the Dominator is priced at 86,184 yen ($1049) with pre-orders starting on February 18 in Japan.



    That is boss. Would be nice to have some sort of shooting effects when you pull the trigger

    Shame it has too many moving parts to be practical :P

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