DayZ And ArmA 3 Feedback Trackers Offline Due To Potential Security Breach

DayZ And ArmA 3 Feedback Trackers Offline Due To Potential Security Breach

If you’ve ever used the website feedback tracker systems for DayZ or ArmA 3, heads up: developers Bohemia Interactive have just announced a potential security breach, and they’ve taken the systems offline as a result.

The attempted security breach was announced via a post on Bohemia’s forums. The developer wrote that the Mantis Feedback Tracker, which powers the and websites, was affected.

“While there is currently no evidence which indicates that the hackers were successful in their attempt to collect user data, we have decided to take all Feedback Tracker systems offline, so we can investigate the issue further,” Bohemia said.

The company doesn’t believe user data was compromised at this stage, but users of either site “who have used the same password elsewhere” are advised to change said password “immediately on all applicable websites and services”. The Bohemia Accounts system, and other Bohemia account systems, are separate from the Mantis Feedback Tracker and were not affected by the attack.

The breach comes weeks after the DayZ forums were hacked, with Bohemia informing users of the breach via email. That was just over a fortnight ago, although the forums have since been brought back online.

Back then, Bohemia announced that the old IPBoards login system was being replaced with the Bohemia Accounts model. “As Bohemia Account is a separate custom-built service currently used by Bohemia Interactive Forums and Store, it offers much better security and its use should prevent similar incidents going forward,” users were told via email.

In that breach, all usernames, passwords and emails “were accessed and downloaded by hackers”. Bohemia is currently conducting a full investigation of the attack against the Feedback Tracker systems to discover whether user data was also revealed.