Destiny Mega Bloks Content Coming This Year

Destiny Mega Bloks Content Coming This Year

Coming to toy store shelves later this year, Destiny Mega Bloks sets promise physical content fans of the series will enjoy briefly before setting it on the shelf and waiting for more. My friend Andy Robertson of FamilyGamerTV grabbed video of the figures and sets at Toy Fair. Let’s watch!

While I was usy running from appointment to appointment, Andy was busy shooting video and setting it to music. The show is so vast that I didn’t even see the Mega Bloks area, though I plan on stopping by today to make annoyance of myself.

Here’s some Destiny building bits.

I am going to steal his approach for all of my videos. Even the ones with me talking. No sound from me, just a little light dramatic music and plenty of zooming and swooping.


  • Well it looks like Bungie IS releasing something this year, just not what most fans were hoping for.

    • I do wonder if anti Destiny/Bungie haters really do tire of all the hate. It must be so time consuming holding a grudge or just being so petty for something they hate for so long for a cheap laugh.

      Its got to the put where they all just sound like a bully calling someone with glasses four-eyes, the only one who think they are clever is themselves.

      • How it so time consuming posting a little smart ass joke like that? Bungie cop it because they’ve been doing dumb stuff since releasing destiny lol

        Let me guess, you’re a hardcore destiny so that’s why you are upset at grumps post?!

        • nope just a realist who likes playing Destiny, flaws and all. Just a realist who sees Bungie as a GAME DEVELOPER who sometimes does things that not all the community likes, not as a jilted lover who is blamed for every petty little thing they have ever attempt to and yet to do.

          Just realist who knows after a year and a half the only thing as certain as the sun rising is that every Destiny post everywhere there will be some bellend who thinks there is nothing as original and funny is a narky Destiny comment.

          • Just a light-hearted poke.

            What’s more concerning is what the blank space of 11+ months is going to be filled with in Destiny. I hope it isn’t just iron banner and/or sparse DLC costing big bucks …

          • Well since you’re such a realist, you should know that’s how the internet is. Getting annoyed over it won’t stop people giving shit to Bungie/Destiny. Grump was making a joke on the lack of content being released which is true, there has nothing exciting in ages.

            The game definitely gets a lot more shit than it deserves, I certainly enjoyed certain parts of it. In the end it left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouth and some people just can’t get over shit or like trolling lol

      • Dude, I’ve been with Destiny since Beta, I’ve even got a Tattoo of the traveller with the words ‘per audacia ad astra’ which was on the poster in the limited edition of Destiny…and I totally agree with gump24601…there’s been a serious lack of permanent content and failure to at least keep the PvP environment stable for anyone with a decent internet connection.

        I like playing Destiny. But I don’t like re-playing the same stuff more than 20 times…and I don’t like losing because my enemy is rubber banding all over the map and then suddenly I’m dead without actually taking any hits.

    • Necessary evil I’m afraid. LEGO won’t license with anything violent – Star Wars got in while they still had that PG-13 flavour.

  • they could of aleast gone with chinese knock off lego thats actually pretty damn good and they do military lego

  • Cool, I can recreate the scenes in the game where you get to stare at a gliding ship doing nothing for five minutes between areas.

    • Lemme guess your a 13 year old pc fan boy who got his first pc the other day so you put on your big boy pants and try throw in a smart as comment. Pathetic..

      • Very clever. Turn a valid humorous comment about the obnoxiously long loading screens into something anti-PC-elitist.

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