Destiny Player Hits Level 40 Without Leaving The First Mission

Destiny Player Hits Level 40 Without Leaving The First Mission

98 hours, spent entirely in Destiny's first level. Holy shit. The dedicated (and ridiculous) player is none other than SerfaBoy, and you can watch him grind his way to level 40 in the video below.

So, how does this even work? Well, normally this mission wants you to get to the end and collect your ship. Except SerfaBoy never does that. Instead, SerfaBoy leaves the game over and over again, and then reloads back in. The game then repopulates itself with enemies, allowing SerfaBoy to accrue more experience every time he pops back into the game. "So long as Rahn lives, the mission never ends," SerfaBoy explains.

Over on Reddit, SerfaBoy gives a more thorough breakdown of how he figured this out, and it's an amusing read. At first, he was worried that the more levels he gained, the less XP enemies would give out — eventually not giving any out at all. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

I don't know about you, but this seems like the most Destiny thing ever, too. Players are so hungry for new content, they're willing to just replay the first level over and over again for shits and giggles? Damn.


    The grind is real.

    98 hours? Bet he looks back on his death bed and wishes for that time back again...

    This is nothing new to games. In guild wars one you could get an achievement for reaching level 20 in the first area. Once a certain level you had to let the monsters kill you for a few hours so they would level up so you could get exp from them which took along time.

      I remember trying that, got burnt out about level 12 or so from memory. You also needed to hand in no quests until after lvl 18 or so to get that last push. God it was dull.

      Never got there in the end, that grind was horrendous.

    Well this has less to do with your unnecessary Destiny nark at the end. The same can be said of any game. People do all kinds of crazy things in all games for a laugh and/or challenge.

    Any Destiny player would know how easy and fast it is too level someone to 40. So his point can hardly be about speed or boredom but more a silly challenge.

    Reminds me of that one episode of southpark where they grinded in boars.


    Why!?!? what a waste of time. There is no other way to describe that. What would you gain in your life doing that lol

      He would gain a feeling of personal acheivement that is probably greater than hitting level 40 normally. He also gets a bit of internet fame in articles and over at Reddit. And looking back on my deathbed i would probably consider all my gaming time an equal waste.

        If its a waste of time and you'll regret it, stop now then? I enjoy gaming here n there so i personally dont think its a waste of time.

        Anyone with a brain would say getting to level 40 in one area for 98 hours is wasting their time. If someone gains personal achievement from that they need help

    Eugh, what a no-life loser. Oh... wait...

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      I've just started playing over the weekend. Don't understand the grind, I'm lvl 22 and have been doing the missions on my own - how do you buddy up and get people into your team?? The big boss that was chained up is so hard on your own, but very satisfying when you take him down! It's a damn good game and is basically Halo told the way they wanted to. Loving it!


        The grind people talk about really only starts after a good 40 - 60 hours, you've got plenty of content to enjoy before you get there (and plenty more to enjoy once you do). As for finding people to play with there are a couple of ways.

        The lfg (looking for group) sites are mostly for endgame activities like raids and nightfalls however you might be able to find people to buddy up with for the campaign, it does become exponentially more fun :)

        There's a site - which is also great, you can put your name in and the kind of gamers you like and it'll match you up with a group to play with. You'll find the community is generally pretty welcoming of new players although you've joined at a bit of a rough time when the new content arrives there'll be plenty of people to play with.

        Thirdly is Bungie site itself, there's heaps of clans and groups and just put up "looking to play through campaign for the first time" and see how you go, you'll get people re-rolling characters, other newcomers, and Sherpas who are willing to help you out.

        Fourthly (and probably the least reliable funnily enough...) is in game, if you see someone and go up to them you can invite them to your fireteam, if you hang around outside the mission entrance and see someone coming this cannnnnn work. On xb1 I think you hit menu (that weird the horizontal lines button) and you can invite them.

        All the best, enjoy!!

        P.S; You beat Phogoth on your own on a first run campaign!! That's... pretty impressive. Also I miss fighting phogoth with his angry belly.

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      lol buy this man a beer :)

      Fun stuff dude, batshit crazy, but made me smile on a Monday morning. No mean feat!

        Mate, if I can make a few people smile, then my job is done!

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