Destiny’s Valentine’s Day Event Is Full Of Love And Murder

Destiny’s Valentine’s Day Event Is Full Of Love And Murder

Today, Bungie released another update for Destiny, a video game in which players travel through space imagining new content.

The update comes with a few interesting tweaks — no more starting special ammo in 3v3! — but most importantly, it toggles a temporary new Valentine’s Day event called Crimson Days. Unlike previous events, this one doesn’t have much to offer PVE players other than a few new emotes. Crimson Days is all about PVP.

From now until next Tuesday, February 16, there’s a new 2v2 playlist called “Crimson Doubles” that will let you and a friend team up against other fireteams of two. (There’s no matchmaking.) When your teammate dies in this mode, you’ll get a buff called Heartbroken that boosts your stats and makes you reload more quickly. Adorable, ain’t it?

Shaxx, your Crucible handler and easily excitable announcer, will give you a quest and a bunch of new bounties for this new Crimson Doubles mode, and it seems like the loot rewards are pretty solid. (These bounties replace the Weekly PVP bounties for the coming week.)

Do you feel it? Love is in the air. Also: murder. And malaise.


  • One time on Valentines my wife and I tried to go into a doubles playlist in Halo 3, genuinely expecting some casual V-Day fun.

    It did not go well. Make no mistake, Valentines-branded doubles playlists are invariably filled people playing super seriously because they enjoy making other people feel sad.

  • Haven’t played Destiny since the first week of Oryx Challenge mode. I’m happy, I got my money’s worth, but it’s pretty clear Destiny is being run by a skeleton crew now. I’d imagine the majority are working on Destiny 2.

    This is the third(?) update with absolutely no new PvE content. It’s literally nothing but PvP, and even then Bungie bugger up (see “0.004% buff working as intended” and making Iron Banner Rift). Hell, they haven’t even added the rest of the new Exotics they announced months ago or updated the remaining Y1 Strikes.

    But oooo, shiny new poo brown Ghosts and low resolution flower textures over the Tower. And don’t forget to make the new mode Fireteam-only, because who cares about solos anyway?! That’ll really stop the player rot. And you wonder why Bungie are sending out “are you still having fun?” surveys.

    Like I said, I enjoyed my time with Destiny. But I’m genuinely done. I’ll have The Division to quench my (more RPG-slanted) shoot’n’loot itch in a month.

    • especially given for a lot of people Valentines Day is a horrible time of the year, not everyone has a partner or doesnt have friends who play the same games/console. So on the one time of year when people might want to play computer games to escape the loneliest they create an event in which you cant play alone and offer no way in game to group up for it. thats someones messed up idea of a joke right there.

    • The decisions they make are mind boggling aren’t they? It’s like they want to kill their own game.

      • That’s the part I don’t understand. Mechanically the game is very good. But Bungie make boneheaded decisions around loot, RNG, content, buffs/nerfs, the grind etc.

        • It is as if the Mercedes F1 team replaced Lewis Hamilton with some drunk guy from Gold Class.

          You have an amazing machine with idiots in control. Somehow they got off the line and through turn one, but then it’s all gone pear shaped.

  • The only problems I have with this event is that it does not have matchmaking. Which basically means a casual player cant get anything from it. Sure you can use LFG website but it is just so clunky. As I saw someone say of the official FB today (something like) never seen an online shooter go so far out of its way not to let people group. Raids, Trials, nightfalls and now this. Originally it was because all of things require real team work (HAH). Yet for over a year the LFG sites have proved that time and again that to be wrong, yet still they refuse to add it. I still love playing Destiny but gosh add more ways for people to group already.

    • No matchmaking is one thing – but removing the weekly crucible bounties and having only Crimson Days related bounties is really rather annoying.

      I had no issue with the event prior to that. Now it seems just another example of Bungie alienating people who play solo. At this stage it is difficult to believe it is inadvertant.

  • Destiny, a video game in which players travel through space imagining new content.

    Quote of the fucking day.

  • If that is the Tower, I believe I will spend the week catching up with Petra and Variks in the Reef.

  • Every time I log in to Destiny to see what’s new or to think about trying to finish some of the content I haven’t yet, I check to see if my veteran’s tour quest is finally available, that bug fixed.

    It never is. I get depressed by how little Bungie cares, and I re-quit.

  • This is their worst update.
    Done all the bounties on 3 characters…the rewards are lackluster. Average shaders, no 310+ ghosts, the final bounty nets me below 310 vanguard Lengendaries. Matchmaking is a lie, purely skill bases. 95% matches were sweats.
    Ice breaker exploit useage for round 1, then swap…gain 18 1000yard ammo lol. False latency and damage referee.

    From a salty player.

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