Dick Smith Closing Down Sale: The Full List Of Deals [Updated]

Dick Smith Closing Down Sale: The Full List Of Deals [Updated]

Dick Smith is officially closing the doors on all stores across Australia and New Zealand. The electronics chain needs to get rid of all its existing stock and is hosting a fire sale today. Here are the discounts you can expect to find for HD TVs, smartphones, drones, laptops, DSLR cameras, games consoles, headphones and Apple products.

[Update: Our friends at Lifehacker have received a list from a Dick Smith manager detailing more than 100 deals from the sale. Check it out here!]

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We’ve already put together a guide on the ins-and-outs of how the Dick Smith sale is going to work. Here’s a breakdown of the discounts that have been spotted by OzBargain contributors:

  • Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch: 5%
  • Apple cables: 30%
  • Game consoles and games: 20%
  • All TVs: 20%
  • Samsung phones, tablets and TVs: 20%
  • All smartphones (excluding iPhone): 20%
  • Laptops: 20%
  • Microsoft, including Surface products: 20%
  • Drones: 20%
  • DSLR cameras: 20%
  • Headphones, including Beats: 30%
  • Bose: 10% off

Bear in mind that Dick Smith employees won’t be able to hold items for you even if you ask them to over the phone. You might want to pop by one of its local stores to check out the deals yourself and see if there’s anything on sale that tickles your fancy.

We’ll be updating the list periodically as more discounts become available and prices continue to drop in the days ahead!

Dick Smith went into voluntary administration in January and failed to find a suitable buyer for the whole business. It’s a sad way to go for one of Australia’s most iconic businesses. The only upside is consumers will get some good discounts out of this.


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    • I’m guessing to a certain extent it will be a progressive sale.

      Though by the time the discounts are worthwhile, all the good stuff will be gone of course.

    • I went into a store during lunch today, googled some of their ‘discounted’ prices. Basically their ‘fire sale’ has just brought them to the same price as you can find elsewhere. Was pretty dissapointed.

      No surprise at all they have gone under.

  • Why would anyone still be working at Dick Smith… I would have quit the minute this all started. I guess you need to get paid…

    • I had something similar years ago when I was working helpdesk. They coralled us all into a meeting room (100+ HD staff, plus coaches and managers etc) and basically said “there’s mass redundancies, you’re all being let go, but not for six months.”

      At least 15-20 people left that afternoon and never came back… Me, I stayed on for a few more weeks, as more people dropped off, and they realised what sort of fuckup they’d unleashed, especially 3-4 months later (I was still around) when the hand off wasn’t going anywhere near as smooth as possible (they were outsourcing the helpdesk operations to another company in SA) and had to offer those remaining thousands of dollars to extend their current contracts and have people see them through to the end.

    • if you stick it out and you’re made redundant, and are not in employment for the 2 weeks afterwards then you are guaranteed your entitlements through the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG).

      If you quit of your own accord then the process to get your money back is messier.. and if you’re a full time employee with redundancy clauses in your contract then you’d be losing them if you quit.

      There wouldn’t be a lot keeping casual staff there though, I’d bet any there are still working while looking for another job.

  • To be fair none of the Dick Smiths in my area have any gaming stock left, most of them purged that stuff months ago. I guess if I want an even cheaper copy of Black Ops 2 for 360 or a Skylanders Giants starter set I know where to go, I guess

  • 20% my arse !!! that would be just the starting point and/or for anyone who is to shy to ask for more discount.

    EDIT- having just looked at the link it is 20-40% off which is more reasonable for a fire sale

  • How the hell is this a fire sale? They had bigger discounts over the christmas stuff. Seriously 5% off Apple? Makes me wonder what sort of deals the board of directors ended up turning down and if it was seriously in the best interest of shareholders.

    • Apple is ruthless with its pricing. When sold at full retail there’s less than 10% margin in them. I imagine Apple will be more willing to buy the stock back, than allow a retailer to heavily discount their product line.

      • Well I just hope they have back up buyers to justify this discount rate; because soon after christmas most people aren’t going to see too much value at those rates.

          • Makes no sense. Other retailers purchasing old Apple hardware would have to make a profit on it. Which means, factoring their own overheads, they would be buying at far lower price than what DSE are selling to the public (5% discount lol). This would include Apple themselves buying back their old stock.

            In which case DSE should just sell it at the lower price to the public now and get rid of it all.

          • It is exactly what JBhifi and Harvey Normans did when RT Edwards failed and went into liquidation. They don’t buy it at warehouse or even cost price, they buy at debtors prices.

  • Popped into the nearest store to where I live here in Christchurch, New Zealand. No signs or stickers up, only two staff there. Had the feel of a graveyard….but a steady stream of people like myself, looking to pick over what was left. Plus one shoplifter, because people will be people. A lot of the nice stuff had already gone, obviously. No gaming controllers or fancy kits or anything like that left, and several of the nicer phones had sold out already. That being said, I picked up a 3TB (Seagate terabytes, not actual terabytes) external hard drive for $143NZ…..which working it out, means it had about a 30% discount. Not as insane as the discounts that helped drive them under, but still not that bad given I needed one ASAP anyway.

      • When it comes to forking out cash, I compare everywhere! Makes no difference to me where the products come from. Still get warranty either way.
        That said, I wouldn’t normally look at all, as I work for a telco, so getting phones is usually MUCH cheaper through work, but I figured if they had unlocked phones discounted enough, I might consider it. I’m still running on a Galaxy S1! :0

        • You’re absolutely right, I do the same thing got my camera off kogan for much cheaper than I could’ve anywhere else. An s1!? That lasted you a while! I’d get an s7 mate they can take sd cards again.

          • Yeah I will likely wait and get one through work. I looked at getting an S6 a few months back, and with staff discount, including handset repayments, it would cost me like $13 a month on a $60/mth plan!
            Only reason I haven’t done it yet, is cos I currently pay $0 a month as I’ve been out of my contract for ages. While I’m trying to pay off debts left to me by my ex, $0 a month is a great price to be paying for my mobile! 😀

          • Going from an S1 straight to an S7 is going to be AMAZING! You’ll only get that feeling once every six years, but it’s gonna feel good!

          • Damn I hope your ex didn’t leave you with a lot. I don’t understand how people do that! I lIke my s6 but the s7 is everything I wanted the s6 to be! Oh well…

          • well, depends on your view of a lot, but to me is was a lot. Over $4k, plus a mobile phone that still had 12 months left on the contract (was attached to the account I had setup for my adsl landline, so was only in my name 😐 ) She could have just kept it and continued to pay the bill, but no… she got herself an iphone and dumped the old one with me just to be a bitch. All this while I was looking for a full time job, and my only income was as a sole trader (and a tiny bit from Centrelink).
            That was about 4 years ago now I think, and I’m only just getting close to having it all paid off. :\

  • 3000 people lose their jobs and the outrage is that they aren’t having a good enough sale? Sounds about right.

  • They can do 80% off for all I care. With what they’ve done to my mates who worked there until recently, with how they’ve ripped off their own employees and how this company has screwed this once great organisation into the ground, I’d rather give someone like Gerry Harvey my money before DSE…

    • lol that’s sayin something 😉
      I do all I can to avoid hardly normal. Very rare that I actually end up buying from them, but I do find them handy for inspecting products before going elsewhere to purchase much cheaper 😉

      • Not saying I WILL go to Harveys…. quite frankly the choice would have to be at gunpoint 😉 lol

  • They could offer all stock for free for all I care. I will not be spending my money on a company that owes stuff millions in unpaid wages.

  • I went into a DS store right as it opened today but it was empty and they said they’d sold out. Big pile of boxes behind the counter though :p

    *That’s not a receiver sale, try again. also loooooool @ iphone exclusion. Is it against the law to have any kind of iphone discount in this country? seems so. Or perhaps it’s Apple’s version of the legendary rule of having to cover your rolls royce if you’re getting it towed.
    *DS stores didn’t stock things they should have, and stocked things that they shouldn’t have/things you wouldn’t expect to find nor go there for.
    *Their DS branded stuff was a failure as they missed the key point of doing own-brand products – they’re supposed to be a cheaper alternative, not the same or even higher price than the ‘real deal’.

  • Is there a further discount for Logitech stuff? I note that out of the three stores I went to there were discounted prices at one shop, a percentage at another, and no discounted prices nor percentage at the last (the one that had the 710 gaming mechanical keyboard.)

    • Logitech Gaming Accessories are 30% off (@Hornsby), picked up a G910, G933, not saving a alot, only beat the lowest price comparing to the lowest listed price on staticice

      • Thanks. I was there again today, one more 710 left (probably be gone by the time I get the chance to have a look again tomorrow), prices at $199. The cut down 610 (the one without at numeric keypad) was $179, but went into JB Hifi, they had it at $99.

  • anyone interested in entry drawing tablets, and if lucky your nearest store still have it.
    I managed to pickup a WACOM INTUOS PEN AND TOUCH – MEDIUM for $175 (last one, and perfectly packaged), a really good saving considering they are $270 RRP, usually around $229 at independent computer stores

  • I looked up the price on various sites yesterday for the JVC 40″ and found every one around $499 or less. Yesterday Dick Smith advertised this unit at $479 but TODAY is now $559. Whoś running the sale?

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