EB Games Accidentally Delivers A Sick Burn To Xbox One

It's not often that retailers accidentally deliver a slap in the face to their suppliers, but that hasn't stopped one EB Games store from delivering a quality backhand to Microsoft.

It's a picture that was posted on Twitter by Sam Schultz, who had a good eye for seeing the funny side in the war between the two consoles.

According to Schultz, the cheeky store responsible — intentional or otherwise — is in Northgate, Tasmania. It'll be interesting to see if other stores around Australia have showcased a similar level of "honesty" about the console wars.


    I know a better one.

    Have the same stand but put original X-Box and X-Box 360 games on it.

    Says 'in X-Box history' after all so no need to limit to the X-Bone, :-P

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      Or rare replay.

        Oddly enough, that compilation was actually worth the pain of getting them installed on my X-Bone.

        Funny how a third party that was once the trump card of Nintendo could deliver the downloadable portion better than Microsoft did with its own games.

          Now if only Microsoft could let them make good games again aside from kinect games.

            I'm not sure how many of the original guys are left from the Nintendo glory days. I'd read that quite a lot of significant people had left.

              No doubt about it. But until a while ago, the brand still held up.

              Which is why when Rare is mentioned, many like to remember Rare in it's glory.

              Mentioning the current day Rare is likely to get one a copy of Too Human to the knee.

              I think a lot of them left to form Free Radical. Which explains why TimeSplitters worked so well, having so many of the old GoldenEye / Perfect Dark people working on it. Although I'm not sure how to reconcile that information with Haze...

                Those people are doing Homefront: The Revolution now I believe

                TimeSplitters is the bomb. This game should of sold a tonne of Game Cubes. People can so suck.

                  It was exclusively for PS2. Timesplitters 2 and 3 went multiplatform and did fairly well but I don't think Timesplitters would really be a system-shifter for Nintendo.

                  As an aside I used to play FPS' southpaw and using the Cube's c-stick for movement was extraordinarily excellent. My friend and I had many a split-screen battle over TS2 on his 'cube.

          I was tempted to get an xbox just for rare replay...these days I'm not so sure it doesn't seem right replaying these games on an xbox

            Just shows how good they are. At the end of the day, it is the games that matter, the platform (console or PC) doesn't matter.

              That's true, call me a fanboy but it hurts to see Nintendo replaced with Microsoft in the intro clip for banjo kazooie haha
              It's a shame how Rare ended up...atleast we have yooka-laylee to look forward to.

    Couldnt be a staged photo though, could it?

      To be fair, Northgate is firmly in the middle of bogan central. Good chance all the empty boxes were stolen to sell for ice.

        Came here to post the same thing!

      As easy as it would have been to stage, the Northgate store often leaves empty shelves like this on the outside of the store for some reason. They don't normally have a brand on the shelf either so I took a photo :)

    Being Northgate, some idiot has probably flogged all the empty cases thinking they had something in there!

    I got the DJ Hero full kit there that came with the case/stand and everything for $100. It was a complete steal, I think a 1/3rd of the retail price. But Northgate - I only go there very rarely, once every few years.

      I picked up DJ Hero 2 from JB with twin decks and mic for $15 brand new, grabbed two because it seemed like such a bargain. Worst purchase in my entire life. Goddamn what a terrible game.

        Wow, what a steal. I still have the massive case under my bed. Maybe I should trash the contents and use it for something else, it's pretty sweet.

          I guess the thing I hated most about it was the music, all terrible pop EDM mashups, not sure if DJ Hero 1 was as bad. Plus the controller style was nowhere near as fun as guitar hero.

            I found Hero 1 to be pretty good but it didn't really hold me for that long.

    you do realise that's the side facing inside the store...

    Yeah, I'd say this is a matter of stopping people stealing them... just like going to my local shops to look at fitbits on display (or anything really), and all the display models are absent and only have the watch holder sitting there, but no watch on it lol

    Is it 2013 already?!
    Time to move on people

    This is silly. The games are clearly listed on the marketing in the picture. Also it's an awesome line up of games.
    Also how hard is it for the photographer to remove the four cases that would normally be there just to snap the photo?
    Not worth the post Kotaku. Silly.

    I love seeing people I know's tweets get featured on Kotaku. Ahahaha!

      I love reading comments of people who know people whose tweets get featured on Kotaku.

    EB Games employee forgets to fully set up a display.
    Sarcastic guy takes photo and uploads to twitter with humorous comment.

    Quality Journalism.

      *shrugs* It made me laugh at the end of a long, shitty day. Can't complaint about that.

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    So there are literally no best sellers this generation for xbox at all? Does this mean that not 1 game has sold a million copies worldwide? Is that the claim? I wouldn't be that surprised to be honest. Not sure what the metric being used is, genuinely curious.

      I think it's a joke

        A what? Can you make sense jordan311 a Johke, jhouk, joke... what are you talking about?

    Eh I'm not gonna say xbone has a better line up of exclusives, and i am constantly bitching about the indie games Sony managed to snag this gen, but the only thing to really burn me is bloodborne so far. My nuts are still hurting.

      I hear ya - it is the only reason I would ever consider getting a PS4

    Or maybe they sold out? Let us not forget that MS put out some killer titles in the last few months. Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5: Guardians, Forza 6, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and yes, Rare Replay. All of these were exclusive to Xbox One and got rave reviews. It's well worth picking up the console now, I reckon.

      Yeh I'm playing rise as we speak, great adventure,if a little easy and with a so so plot. If I wasn't hunting all these damn collectibles, I would have finished it ages ago, but i like the exploring. Seriously the tombs are by far the best parts but even now that there's more ,it's not enough. Graphics r freaking beautiful but.
      Halo 5 multi is good, but the game has gotten a little I dunno, unexciting? For me anyway, I've stopped playing.
      And forza well...I wanted a racing game but man it's also a little...drab. I can see if u had a wheel the long race times may be good, but fuck, 10 to 12 minutes is just too freaking long most of the time. In lieu of like ANY alternatives in the genre I went for it tho, shoulda known it probably wasn't gonna hold my attention.
      Ps4 is little better tho really!

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