Eight-Year-Old Boy Apologises To Nintendo

Eight-Year-Old Boy Apologizes to Nintendo

While some might argue that it's often Nintendo who should be saying sorry to fans (ha!), one eight-year-old boy in Japan wrote the company an apology after spilling water all over his 3DS. Japanese Twitter user Illil recounted how the boy had put the Nintendo handheld in his bag with his thermos, but didn't put the cap on tightly. The thermos tipped over, leaking and submerging a fourth of 3DS in water. Illil told the boy to contact Nintendo himself.

The eight-year-old called a customer service centre, arranged for the 3DS to get repaired and even wrote the following note to Nintendo.

Eight-Year-Old Boy Apologizes to Nintendo

[Image: illil]

The letter reads:

I apologise for accidentally getting [my 3DS] wet. I'd like to think I've already resigned myself to not seeing my 3DS, which is always with me. From here on out, I aim to close my thermos' lid correctly. I am truly sorry.

Class act, kiddo! Now, if only Nintendo would say it's sorry for [insert your particular gripe here].


    Ahhh Japan. Don't ever change! People are so polite there! Such a nice place to visit! Always felt very welcome everywhere I went!

    Knowing Japan/Nintendo. He probably got a stern warning letter in response.

      I imagine they'll rummage through their warehouse(s) and send him a 3DS carry case and screen cloth.

    That kid's got responsibility down. If only it weren't tied to a corporate entity.

    It's kind of funny to note that Japanese kids also write 'S' backwards by mistake.

      I spent 6 years trying to teach Japanese kids how to not write English letters backwards.

      You'd be amazed how many kids have their own pet bog.

    If only Miiverse had more users like this kid.

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