Epic Creates VR Inception By Building VR In VR

The gaming industry is pretty familiar with the concept and process of designing a space for virtual reality. More and more people are even becoming physically accustomed to being immersed in VR.

But have you thought about what it'd be like to build something for VR while immersed in VR? No? Epic has.

Using the Unreal Editor with a VR headset and touch controllers probably isn't the most efficient way to put together a visual space. I don't even want to think at what the hardware requirements would be once you hit compile.

But there's a definite utility to it all. Apart from the obvious architectural benefits — VR is already making headways in those sorts of industries for precisely this purpose — it's incredibly cool from a creative perspective to be able to build the world around you while you're in it.

It's almost like Inception meets VR, really.

It's interesting that Epic used the HTC Vive for the video; I get the sense that the Vive is shaping up to be the headset of choice for more and more developers. Maybe things will change once the consumer version of the Rift actually ships (and the touch controllers arrive later this year), but the interest around the Vive is certainly picking up.

But I digress. If you could build a virtual space while immersed in VR, what world would you want to create?


    Man, I thought you meant he build an actual VR interface within VR, a la The Thirteenth Floor.

    Still pretty cool though.

    I'm a mechanical engineer and am already waiting for VR CAD systems. would be so great to get a "hands on" feel of a product before the first physical prototype is made.

    There were a few of these in the DK2 release. I believe you could develop in three.js on the rift and see items pop up infront of your face.

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