Fallout 4 Becomes Terminator 2

Fallout 4 Becomes Terminator 2

Killer robots, an apocalyptic wasteland, explosions…yeah, it’s not much of a stretch taking Fallout 4 and turning it into Terminator. All that was needed was some neon lasers, and boy does this video have neon lasers.

It’s by Cosmic Contrarian, no stranger to these kind of arrangements, and while the initial battle is impressive please do stick around for the cameo around the 4:30 mark.

Oh, and the killer Blood Dragon soundtrack.


  • Thinking about it, it probably wouldn’t take too much to produce a TOTAL Terminator conversion of Fallout 4 once the GECK is out. So far no game developer has shown the ability to produce a good T game, so mods is the last hope for humanity!

    • Hopefully, you’re not including Bethesda’s ’90’s Terminator games: Terminator Future Shock and Terminator Skynet. Because they were very good!

  • The themes are already there in the Fallout 4 campaign even. Synths are basically more advanced T800s.

    • “Do some work”

      “But I don’t want to work, I want to be free!”

      Synths = Gen Y

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