Fallout 4 Looks Better On Consoles Now

Fallout 4 Looks Better On Consoles Now

Good news, PS4 and Xbox One owners. Thanks to the latest Fallout 4 patch, the console versions of the game are about on par with the PC version running on high. The ever-meticulous Digital Foundry took a closer look at patch 1.03 and found that thanks to new tweaks, the draw distance on both Xbox One and PS4 has noticeably improved. In layman's terms, this means you can see the game rendering objects at a farther distance, and as you play, there's less of that sudden 'pop-in' effect.

Some quick comparison shots:

Fallout 4 Looks Better On Consoles Now
Fallout 4 Looks Better On Consoles Now
Fallout 4 Looks Better On Consoles Now
Fallout 4 Looks Better On Consoles Now

Or, if you'd prefer to see this in action/in GIF form:

There are some asterisks attached, of course. Frame rate still isn't as good as it could be on both consoles, and shadows haven't quite caught up, either. But overall, Fallout 4 is looking better than it used to.


    But did they patch the abysmal voice acting, story and characters?

      agreed, dreadfully boring game is boring, patch has improved nothing.

    This maybe so....BUT...

    Now it's caused load screens to double, major lag when auto-saving (15 seconds+) and major lagging navigating around the Pause/Save/Load screen and using Quick Save. W...T...F........

      Really, I hadn't played for a while and jumped on for an extended period yesterday. I didn't really notice any unusual load times. The only slightly longer one was exiting buildings some times. Nothing game breaking though

        Yeah, seriously. I'm really hoping when I turn it on tonight it will be fixed; that it was some bad dream. It was/is horrendous. If it's not fixed/doesn't fix itself I will be ejecting the disc and playing something else. :-(

      Dammit... that was exactly what I was wondering :(

        It hurts.

        Waiting for an auto-save to complete = get up, take a leak, wash hands, dry hands, sit back down. Okay, now I can keep playing.

    Yay they are finally able to see the level of detail PC users could see 4 years ago in Fallout 3.


      As someone who played FO3 on PC (including all high definition texture mods, etc), FO4 on consoles looks immeasurably better.

    I'll never understand why PC users think they're better than everyone else. You do realise that the majority of console owners also own a PC but simply don't care enough to play on a PC.

    Hate to shatter your ego but people just don't care.

      I don't care what people play on, but personally I'd rather have graphics and performance, not having to pick/be forced on one or the other.

      Yeh,each to their own. It's like us console users making snarky comments because we're playing the last of us or something...
      You know cause that is a pretty great game 😉

    OMG the load screens are dreadful now. Also I wish they would fix the permadeath of one of my followers instead they patch mccready's perk :S

    Isn't the PS4 rendering the game off a customized API similar to OpenGL? pretty sure, would explain the differences since the Xbone can just use the Windows API DX11-12.

    Wish they release FO4 for Linux, if its on PS4 then it should be portable to Linux.

    Im still getting god aweful performance in certain area's on pc. If i look a certain direction into say a building, frames tank...but if i look left slightly they steady lol Mainly happens in cities.

    It doesn't happen a lot, but when you from around 90fps down to 30 and under, its a pain in the ass

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