Fan Pays Tribute To StarCraft Pro In The Best Way Possible

Fan Pays Tribute To StarCraft Pro In the Best Way Possible

This is the work of a modern-day Van Gogh. StarCraft player Sanglune used his crazy skills to build a map, dedicated to TLO, one of the most successful non-Korean players of the StarCraft II scene, with a painting of TLO himself. And the result couldn't be funnier. Good job! The large open area in the middle would make Zerg units a bit powerful, but still, would be a fun map for casual Free For All games.

via r/starcraft


    TLO a god damn beast in all RTS games in general. He was one my favorite pros to watch in CnC 3 and Kanes Wrath and was my Favorite Pro in Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance due tot he fact that he could kick arse with any factgion and favored the UEF who were the weakest faction in Supcomm

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