Fans Are Remaking Tex Murphy’s Original Adventure

Fans Are Remaking Tex Murphy’s Original Adventure

Out of the many, many shockers that were strewn across store shelves and gaming magazines during the era of full-motion video games, the Tex Murphy series was one that managed to survive the period with a reasonable reputation and a solid base of fans.

Those fans maintained the love for the bumbling private investigator by successfully funding Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, which was released in 2014. But fans are having another crack now, by trying to bring the original Tex Murphy adventure back into modern times.

The developers are calling it Poisoned Pawn, a revisit “but also the nex step in the Tex Murphy legacy”. It’ll be a remaking of Tex Murphy: Overseer in Unity 5 engine. The remake even has the blessing of Big Finish Games, the developers behind Tesla Effect.

“Poisoned Pawn is truly a step forward in the evolution of Tex Murphy in that it will take the lessons learned from 2014’s Tesla Effect and build upon the technology which made that title a success,” the announcement page says.

I’ll be upfront: I never liked the original Tex Murphy series, Tesla Effect wasn’t any better and I thought it was flawed as all buggery. But I do like the fact that fans are deeply passionate about it, even if one disliked my review of Tesla Effect to the point of wishing my dog would die.

So if you are someone who held the Tex Murphy series near and dear to your heart, the prospect of another Tex Murphy game — even if it isn’t a wholly new adventure — should come as welcome news. And the open dialogue from the developers is a great sign too.


  • Are they remaking Mean Streets (the first one) or Overseer (The re-telling of Mean Streets and technically the 5th Tex Murphy game?)

    ** Edit I just saw on their page that it is of Overseer. Nevermind the question 🙂

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