Halo’s Arbiter Has Been Holding Back On Us

Halo’s Arbiter Has Been Holding Back On Us

Video: The Covenant’s best warrior has been a bad arse in the Halo games, but not nearly the bad arse he’s being in his appearance in season three of fighting game Killer Instinct. As hinted late last month, the third season of Killer Instinct features a cameo from Microsoft’s storied shooter franchise. Instead of going with the obvious Master Chief (besides, a female Spartan already showed up in Dead or Alive), Iron Galaxy went with something slightly more appropriate to the mostly-monster fighter.

Not only do we get the Arbiter, we get that one Halo 5 level. You know, the one with all the dying. I hate that level.

Killer Instinct season three launches next month.


  • Yaaaaaaah *happy dance*. I’d love for them to bring Nicole- 458 over from DoA as well. I loved Killer Instinct on SNES, so I’m now looking forward to this!

  • Looks pretty awse! I’ve been super keen to get some more time into Killer Instinct but am still yet to buy an Xbox One so have been hanging for the PC release. From what I read it’s cross-buy to boot!

  • Woah… Flashbacks. I loved playing the Spartan in DOA, such brutal moves. Who even punches a spartan? Crazy people.

    I’d love to play as the arbiter, when halo let that happen it blew my teen mind. There’s something really nice about using that blade, I would always get a little sad when it broke.

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