The Weird Things People Do While Playing The Witness

The Weird Things People Do While Playing The Witness

I’ve done some weird things whilst playing The Witness.

I’ve drawn on paper, I’ve taken pictures on my phone, I stole my wife’s graph paper. At one point I swear to God I actually drew on my television.

So last night I put a shout out for pictures of all the weird things people have done trying to solve puzzles.

I got some really good stuff.

Matthew Hall

Ha! This was my first reply, from Matthew Hall, one of the creators of Crossy Road.

World. Class.

Adrian Chen

I have a notepad page that looks just like this.


I can’t lie — I have considered cutting shit out with scissors. The ‘tetris’ style Witness puzzles are probably my favourite but goddamn the mental gymnastics.

Phil Willis

I have yet to draw the game world. But I haven’t finished the game yet. There’s still time.


Honestly, graph paper is an absolute must. My enjoyment of The Witness went up at 300% when I found graph paper in my wife’s stationary stash.

Elliot Lewis

Elliot told me who couldn’t find a pen and paper in his house, so he went into the bathroom and drew on his mirror with a bar of soap.

A. Bar. Of. Soap.

Paul Puccio

Paul did the whole ‘cut out Tetris blocks’ thing, but when he noticed the pattern on his dish towel he thought he’d save on the paper. Amazing.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done while playing The Witness? Let us know in the comments.


  • haha that tea towel set up is amazing. I have paper scribbles that look exactly like these, and yes I did cut out the blocks. I managed to finish the main game and the challenge without guides but I’m now going through all the hidden stuff (obelisks, videos, secret endings) I couldn’t find with a guide (guilt free, don’t judge). I’m really just enjoying all the secrets, the crazy level design and my own stupidity. well worth doing after finishing cos some of those puzzles no normal person would ever find

  • Now I feel really silly with a whiteboard next to my desk, why didn’t I ever think to use soap and the bathroom mirror? Admittedly, I haven’t played The Witness yet but I’m sure it’s equally practical for to do lists and note taking.

  • I took a loooooot of screenshots. The ones I had the most difficulty with from a mental side were probably the colour ones, in the rooms that rotated through colours. So I ended up just taking one under each lighting condition, popping them all into GIMP, and making something like this:

  • Ha, that third one is mine. Is it sad that that is only a small portion of what I ended up with in the end for that game?

  • I just do it in my head. I actually bought a notepad and graph paper specifically for The Witness but never ended up using it.

    • I found that the only time I needed it was for colour memory puzzles. My mind just couldn’t keep that information intact.

  • I have Photoshop open and my note book.

    Photoshop for those god. damn. Tetromino puzzles and my note book for most of the others.

    I’m worried someone will come across my open notebook at work and, rightfully, assume I’ve gone completely batshit insane.

  • I’m not massively far into the Witness (about 100 panels solved) but I’ve got pages of notes on the rules of puzzles and pages of dotted grids where I’ve worked out puzzles one by one.

    I haven’t done this sort of thing since I was a kid.

  • I use Adobe Photoshop sometimes. I’ll take a screenshot of the game using FRAPS and then open it up in Ps and use layers to fill in the squares and move it around compiling various shapes

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