Here Is The Final Batman V Superman Trailer!

Whether you're feeling cynical, excited or frantically hyperventilating over the prospect of Batman V Superman's release — you know you want to watch this.

Come on, it's just a trailer. It's like two minutes long.

I am so over superhero movies, but I don't know if I can foresee a day when I'm over watching their trailers. Welcome to the internet in 2016.

Does this look good or look terrible? I don't even know any more.


    *sigh*. I don't like Superman, I don't like Zack Snyder, I'm reasonably apathetic towards super hero movies in general... but they look like they did a decent job with Batman... and he's Batman...

    I'll be watching this.

    This is the trailer they should have released in place of that last one with Doomsday honestly. It's filled with 80% less spoiler material and does a far greater job in conveying the tension between the two characters, far, far greater. It also presents Lex as a lot more menacing.

    It's renewed my interest in the movie that's for sure and HOT DAMN I love how Batman fights in an Arkham Asylum kind of way, it looks awesome!!!

    Oh and @markserrels if you're sick of superhero movies trust me, see Deadpool, it's a great antidote to the standard superhero movie.

      Well put. I was feeling a bit ambivalent towards it after the last trailer, but this one has put be firmly back on board the hype train.

      I agree on all fronts. That may be the best bat-fight on screen so far. Period.

        Agree with slyph, that first 30sec holy crap!

      Damn straight. That last scene of the trailer! People forget that Batman is one of "the worlds greatest detectives" and with time to prep should be hard to beat. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

        That look on Supermans face sold it. That "OH SHIT HE SHOULDNT BE ABLE TO DO THAT!" look lol

      Would have gone a long way. Seeing Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and Batman in motion, was all I needed to decide this might be an interesting film.

      I came to say the exact same thing! TOOT TOOT! All aboard!

    I keep hoping to get it back but Ive lost all interest since I saw Doomsday. Fuck it. Going to see Deadpool tonight anyway which is meant to be fantastic so that should tide me over til Civil War.

    Very excited for this. I loved that opening scene with Batman, holy shit. Looked like an Arkham Knight multi-fear takedown!

    Good trailer, good to see a proper Batman adaptation in the opening and the Dark Knight Returns inspired scenes with Superman. Still Snyder left a horrible taste in my mouth with a few of his films, so I'm wary of how this turns out.

    I'll watch this, but I'm still annoyed that Jesse Eisenberg is in it. Ugh.

    So Batman has super strength now?
    He's putting people through walls and floors like he was placing them in warm butter.
    Also, for someone that doesn't like killing people you'd think that putting someones head through a solid floor could be potentially lethal.
    I'm probably being harsh, though...

    Either way, I've got almost 0 interest in this movie - it looks much more like a Michael Bay does superheroes thing than an actual superhero movie. Plenty of eye candy and "boom, fwoosh", but not sure about the rest.

    Also, who cast Lex Luther?!

    Edit: As mentioned above, though, this trailer was MUCH better than the last one that was so full of spoilers it was insane.

    Last edited 12/02/16 9:26 am

      So Batman has super strength now?

      I'd say it's more likely that he modified his suit.

        Possible - looked like his standard suit, though, not the modified one he was fighting superman in.
        Who knows haha

          It's an armoured batsuit. In the Dark Knight Returns comic it's (SPOILER TEXT ON!) powered by kryptonite.

      You forget the Batman loophole... Batman doesn't kill people. Everything they hit after he connects with them does.

      It's kind of a guns don't kill people, bullets do deal.

        He's almost the Chuck Norris of superheroes.

      Not sure what your issue with Eisenberg is he's a very talented actor

    Also, for someone that doesn't like killing people you'd think that putting someones head through a solid floor could be potentially lethal.

    Not probable - more than likely particularly the way it was done (temple impact).

      A strong blow to the head can kill quite easily regardless of where it is, although not as instantly. Although, yes, the temple is far more vulnerable.
      I would assume that having your head forced through thick floorboards could cause some significant bleeding on the brain.

      But this isn't science, it's a movie. My comment was more of tongue-in-cheek thing than a genuine gripe.

        Not arguing that - its just the whole batman doesn't kill thing. I'm pretty sure he just killed like 8 guys there :D

          Sorry i totally read your comment wrong - hahaha

          Well, if Superman can break an enemy's neck, is it that hard to believe that Batman would slaughter a gang of bad guys?

            In canon both are equally ridiculous. From the movie standpoint superman did a whole lot worse than break a bad guys neck (pretty sure ripping through buildings and the consequential demolition killed many, many innocents).

              Just wait for the big reveal where we find that Doomsday is actually averse to violence.

              Last edited 12/02/16 6:18 pm

    Batman is a beast here, taking the tone from a lot of the comics where is looks stronger than a normal man, I don't mind it, its a super hero movie after all ;)

    Why does it all have to be set at night time? Will be squinting the whole time.

    Man, the Arkham style combat for the Bat has me sold.

    Batman has a suit that can match Superman's strength......what a load of horse shit.

      If only DC had thought of something that could decrease Superman's powers, then all of this would make sense.

        I guess it could be a.....kryptonite suit!!!

    I'm glad batman finally has super powers now. He was so boring being all human and stuff.

    Sorry, Eisenberg as Lex and that HORRID Doomsday CGI have completely killed this movie for me.

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