Here's More Great JB Hi-Fi Street Fighter 5 Art

Yesterday we posted how JB Hi-Fi stores around Australia were waged in a nationwide competition against each other to produce the best point-of-sale art for the launch of Street Fighter 5.

There was some fantastic drawings, recreations of arcade cabinets and even clever wording. But those weren't the only great displays going around.

I asked yesterday for other people to send in other examples of JB Hi-Fi stands for Street Fighter 5, and you duly replied!

Let's start with our cousins across the pond in New Zealand. A member from the Westgate store, located on the North Island for those unfamiliar with Kiwi geography, sent in the feature image and the first shot below.

It's more poster than original art, mind you. But at least the amount of posters (10) is a multiplier of 5. Some extra hand drawn ones would be nice, though.

There's been some good entries from stores in Queensland, and we can add the efforts of the games co-ordinator in Robina to the list. He sent these in earlier this morning, and they're not too bad. The Street Fighter 5 logo on Zangief's chest is a really smart touch. I like the way the SF4-style font was incorporated into the top banner, too.

A reader sent this one in yesterday afternoon. It's just the one image and I'm not sure what store it came from (I've asked, but didn't get a reply at the time of writing).

It's neatly done, though. There's something about the illustration of the Dictator that just puts a smile on my face.

But it's still hard to go past a well done faux arcade cabinet. The games department in the Knox JB Hi-Fi store (Victoria) has put together a great stand here. The construction of the cabinet isn't as tight as some others — it's a bit crumpled and the joystick looks a little floppy — but the artwork on the side is absolutely top notch. Really superb stuff.

Seen any more fantastic displays? And have you got any other pictures of great JB artwork for other games? Let us know via email!


    if I worked at JB I'd just pay @mrtaco to come in dressed as Zangief and stand next to the stand.

      If they want to spend anytime with the handsome bastard they have to buy a copy.
      Excellent for sales.

    $98!? whaat?

      Our poor Kiwi brethren...

        Yeah what the hell - I thought the NZ economy was doing better than ours? $98 for a game is brazen theft in all countries bar Brazil!

    BTW - the one with Bison doing his YES thing from Inside Gaming back in the day - awesome!

    Now we know where all the people with art degrees work...

    I'm kidding, in case anyone gets upset at this.

      Whoa whoa. I'll still get upset because the truth hurts whether you mean it or not.


        There, there. It's hard being an artist. The only thing you can do is laugh.

      I wish I had an art degree lol

    I'm really hoping someone does one with Bison saying:
    "The day you came in and bought Street Fighter 5 was the most important day of your life. For me, it was a Tuesday."

    Last edited 17/02/16 2:17 pm

    Interesting to see that there is 3 different price points in the pictures, $98, $89, $79.....clearly JB Hifi are pricing according to where the store is, some people are clearly getting ripped off!!! That makes me very mad!!!!

      Not really..

      $98 - NZ
      $89 - AU Steelbook & DLC
      $79 - AU Standard

    I was waiting for Knox to show up. Saw this last week and wondered if i should send it in.

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